Monday, September 28, 2015

I WAS PROMISED I'D SEE BLOOD (365 DAYS, and then some)


I spent some time outside last night to see
the Super Moon going through an eclipse at the same time. 
Given that the next time this is likely to happen is in 2033 
and that I might find myself feeble and blind by that time, 
if not dead, 
given my family history, 
I decided to give it a shot. 
The weather was nice and the sky clear of all clouds, 
for a change... 
I set up the camera on its tripod and grabbed the remote control, 
waiting with a moderate dose of excitement. 
After all, 
this is not the first super moon I see this summer 
but the moon has always fascinated me. 
So there I was, 
staring at the moon 
as it slowly rose up behind the bridge 
and climbing up and up, 
until the shadow of our planet started creeping up across the moon's surface. 
Like gangrene, 
the shadow kept eating up the shiny disk until near everything was gone, 
leaving the moon all dressed in somber red, 
ready for a satanic ritual of some kind. 
There was definitely something in the air 
as my cats were acting up inside... 
And that was that!! 
Since I have the attention span of a gnat, 
I decided to go back inside and not watch the reverse effect happen, 
leaving the show at half-time. 
I considered having seen the  best part 
and was content with that picture I took. 
It may not be of the same caliber as NASA, 
but it is enough to suggest why this tiny orb in the sky 
has always been a fascination to Mankind.  
I never [or ever so rarely] remember my dreams, 
but if I did dream last night, 
pretty sure it involved a red moon, 
The cats are quiet, now!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A PERFECT MATCH (365 DAYS, and then some...)

The International des Feux Loto-Quebec de Montreal 
concluded beautifully with an homage to Madonna. 
I think she would have been pleased with this. 
The soundtrack offered a great review of her musical career, 
and the fireworks were simply beautiful. 
A perfect match!!! 
Thanks to all involved in this project.

As far as who won the competition this year, 
my faves were England, Canada and Hong Kong. 
The jury decided: 
England for the gold jupiter; 
France for the silver jupiter, 
and Hong Kong for the bronze jupiter. 

I disagree with their decision about France, 
but I have no say in the matter. 
I'm only entitled to my own opinion....

Friday, July 31, 2015

DÉSOLÉ (365 DAYS, and then some...)

The competition at the 
International des Feux Loto-Quebec de Montreal 
was concluded with the participation of the French team, 
represented by JCO
and their program was called 
Dynamite Circus
Their concept sounded exciting, 
but truth be told, 
it is one thing to come up with a great idea, 
it is another when you lose yourself into said concept. 
As far as their soundtrack is concerned, 
it was burdened by lots of narrative 
and their feeble attempt at humor with it came short, IMHO.... 
The musical selection was a mish-mash that didn`t really create momentum. 
The show had a few good moments 
but too many down times and nothing too impressive. 
I'm sorry, 
but I've seen better presentations from French companies. 
Better luck next time!!

The results of the competition will be known next Saturday. 
My heart goes to Hong Kong, Canada and England.
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