Wednesday, July 30, 2014

HOLY MARY!! (210/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Since we imported the Christian faith to this continent centuries ago, 
we have tons of examples of the effigy of the Virgin Mary. 
Here are just a few, 
presented chronologically.

"Virgin and Child [Lorraine, France, early 3rd of the 14th century]"

"Virgin and Child [Giovanni del Biondo, 1380]"

"Virgin and Child [Master of the Castello Nativity, 1460]"

"Virgin and Child with St Michael and St Blaise [Neri di Bicci, 1475]"

"Annunciation [Master of Liesborn, 15th century]"

"The Education of the Virgin [Central Germany, 2nd quater of the 16th century]" 

"Virgin Mary [Attributed to Joseph Pepin, 1811]" 

This last piece looked a bit quaint to my taste, 
so I modified it a little... 
No harm in having a little fun, 
is there?!?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh CANADA!! (209/365 DAYS, 4.0)

we all have an opinion about it...

"The King's Beavers [Kent Monkman, 2011]"

A satirical view of the colonial days, 
when massacres were done to satisfy the greed of the European market for such items, 
denaturing the relation  Natives had with Nature.

"Two Caribou [Shorty Killiktee, 1990]" 

A splendid piece, 
done somewhat in a naive style, 
the simple lines being part of its charms.

"Spirits [Kiugak (Kiawak) Ashoona, 1964]" 

The mythology of the Natives in these lands is unknown to most of us, 
and while our predecessors imposed our way of thinking and praying, 
it is not because they had none of their own already, 
but because  of our sheer numbers 
and the merciless pursuit of victory over all.

"Nude [Oviloo_Tunnillie, 2004]"

While Natives are still able to express their way of life in some form, 
it is by no means a sign that it is thriving.

"Reflection of a Culture Kept Under Glass [Bruno Laliberté]"

Inspired by the previous piece, 
I like this representation, 
what with all the metal and reflections obscuring the piece. 
We may pride ourselves for displaying these in our galleries and museums, 
but culture is a living entity, 
and those who represent this culture often deal with violence, alcohol and suicide, 
symptoms of a lack of a possible future, 
and a crisis in identity. 
And who is to blame for this?!? 
While tourists may admire these artworks, 
they would be less enthused by the reality of these tribes on a daily basis. 
Of course, 
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