Monday, September 1, 2014

ANOTHER DAY (243/365 DAYS, 4.0)

"Another Day

No deep thoughts or funny stories, 
just showing here a picture taken a couple of days ago. 
It is the middle of the night right now, 
with hours to go before the sun rises once more 
to let us face another day...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PARLOR TRICKS (238/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Regulars here will already know that I like to play with my pictures, 
when using the camera or, 
when editing with Photoshop. 
So, in this middle of the week, 
keeping things light around here, 
and revisiting old [well, not that old] pictures.

"I See You!!

Would you believe this was originally a photograph of a beautiful flower, 
then altered "a la Warhol" here
I had pushed the image a few steps further 
but didn't publish it back then. 
By duplicating and spacing the two, 
it feels as if something is really looking at you, 
from the darkness beyond...

"Fabergé [Abstract]" 

Earlier this Summer, 
I visited the Fabergé exhibit which I've presented here.
I didn't include the original one in my presentation, 
but you now see it in an enhanced way, 
what with mirroring and a little tonemapping; 
It almost look like the kind of thing mystics would go for, 
but it is actually a compote dish 
and I focused on the pedestal rather than the whole thing 
because there was too much glare, 
between the glass casing and the spotlights, 
you would have missed much of the details anyway. 
But you get to see the shimmering reflection that resulted 
and who wouldn't admire the craftmanship here.

"Devil's Game

Some may remember when I sought shade and shelter in a garden in Old Montreal, 
something you can see here
I isolated the bas-relief of the fountain 
and through mirroring and textures, 
I offer you here something the pagans might have appreciated.

"Axis of Evil

Pursuing with the same picture, 
I spherized the image and did a gaussian blur on the background 
so it looks like it's practically floating in front of your eyes. 
And I named it such 
since this is a notion that took shape in this century, 
even if it was to justify some people's agenda... 
and the actions of others. 
They both would have us live in fear. 
But one needs to find a little perspective on those matters 
to make one's own opinion. 

So that's all the fun for today!! 
See ya!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


While the city remains my source of inspiration, 
you already know only too well 
I never shied away from modifying my own pictures 
to better suit my purpose...

"Geometry of Living

Capturing a detail of a looming building on the edge of Old Montreal, 
and then twisting and reshaping it 
until I'm happy with it.

"Zero Gravity Park

Following its South side, 
another portion rose up to offer another kind of interesting detail 
which I've also captured at an angle to get a perfect horizontal along the edge of the picture. 
By mirroring it, 
it created this space in the middle, 
caused by a small portion visible from the next building, 
something I could well have erased 
but I opted to keep it, 
and used it... 
It became for me this idea of a suspended park, 
upside down, 
mind you... 
I then added an appropriate sculpture I photographed earlier this year, 
and of course, 
a fire hydrant for the dog. 
Good thing I don't work as a city planner 
'cause things would quickly get crazy around here. 
So this was my bit of silliness on this fine Sunday morning, 
while you all are still sleeping... 

One question though: 
What do you suppose happens when the dog pees?!?
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