Monday, October 27, 2014

MONTREAL ZOMBIE WALK 2014 (297/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Montreal was the theater of a scary event, 
In broad daylight, 
a gang of zombies invaded the streets for a while, 
much to the delight of bystanders. 

Ladies first!!

While I might have been in the mood for a drink, 
those cocktails this waitress was holding  didn't tempt me at all. 
I still prefer a lime wedge to finger tips...


While it was the pair in the foreground that caught my attention, 
I noticed another pair just behind, 
and I saw they had noticed me as well... 


Guys being guys!!!

Odd Creatures!!

Miss Piggy and Kermit's demise... 
It is not the first time I see this person, 
and I remember her and her kid two years ago, 
as a scary nurse. 
Very clever costume!!

As I was walking on de Maisonneuve to go to the parade, 
I came across these folks who made quite an impression, 
You see them now in the parade.

Standing above the rest. 
Quite impressive!!

Cast ensemble!!

I enjoyed this in general. 
I'll mention that some people shouldn't be there, 
because they don't have the right attitude, 
speaking on their cellphone or to their friends, 
smiling instead of growling, 
spoiling the effect for those watching, 
and mainly, 
for those who put in much efforts to deliver a good show 
with their costume and acting the part. 
those who invade the parade to snap a few pictures.... 
You are supposed to stand on the side. 
If you want to be in the parade, 
do what must be done, 
or get the heck out of there!! 
Congrats to all participants 
and see ya all next year!! 

I have only one regret here. 
During the parade, 
I kept hearing the screeching cries of zombies 
but they didn't seem to move on as people walked by... 
I looked at the participants and couldn't locate the source. 
That's until I realized it was a bystander right across the street. 
I should have taken his picture, 
or better yet, 
shot a video, 
as he provided a great ambiance, 
much to the delight of everyone all around. 
He had it perfectly!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

AT THE PARK (295/365 DAYS, 4.0)

On a recent stroll, 
as the breeze kept most Montrealers shivering despite their coats and scarves, 
making quite a few stare at me as I walked around STILL in my shorts, 
(I did wear socks in my shoes though...), 
I stopped by a small park squeezed in between two buildings. 
Green spaces come at a premium, 
so it is nice to see a park where condos could easily stand. 
This here is the Hydro-Quebec Park
designed by the same architect that changed the sky over the Gay Village, 
with those strings of pink balls
and created a beach at the Old Port, 
among many other projects, 


While I always saw people lingering about during summertime, 
it was now empty, 
perfect for me to take a few pictures.

" * [MONTREAL, 2014]"

I love the shape of those benches, 
offering the possibility of being convivial 
or allowing some privacy if one wishes it so.


The scribblings over the wall of the theater next door 
offer a great background for these trees. 
Since one can't forget one is sitting downtown, 
might as well make it interesting. 


I do love the muted colors at this time of the year. 


The days are getting shorter, 
rain is the main course on the menu, 
but I still wander the streets of the city. 

I am contemplating a scary experience for today 
as zombies are expected to roam the streets of Montreal, 
even if rain is in the forecast. 
The sun is rising, 
pastel shades coloring the clouds... 
My camera's battery is fully charged 
and I am ready to face whatever comes.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

OH CANADA!! (295/365 DAYS, 4.0)


I usually feel this only during the Winter or Summer Olympic Games, 
but this Quebec separatist is feeling VERY Canadian right now, 
in solidarity with my fellow citizens. 
Our country finds itself in dismay after the two violent events this week, 
one in St-Jean-de-Richelieu, 
(south of Montreal), 
and in Ottawa, 
the capital of this country. 
Two nutcases committed acts of terror, 
leaving a few injured and two dead. 
Two soldiers who should have been safe, 
being in their homeland... 
The two culprits are dead, 
which satisfies me. 
No trial and detention for these. 
I do not name them as they do not deserve any kind of recognition. 
They shall be forgotten [quickly]. 
I wish to mention those who have fallen though, 
innocents in these times of madness: 

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent
cowardly run over by a car. 

Corporal Nathan Cirillo
gunned down with no chance to defend himself.

We will remember them!!

We may be in shock but we are still standing. 
Blood has been spilled on our land but we remain resolute. 
Resolute to protect and defend the values we stand for, 
the kind of values that make the envy of the world. 
Despite our differences in creed or political views, 
color, race or lifestyle, 

That is a promise...
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