Thursday, September 18, 2014

NOTHING 2 REPORT (260/365 DAYS, 4.0)

It was a quiet morning when I took these, 
as much as it is a quiet morning now. 
Nothing to report.

"Clouds Over the Horizon [Montreal]" 

We had rain a mere few hours ago 
but should be expecting another cool sunny day. 
Fine with me!! 
I can hear some complaining that it got cold too quickly, 
but I am finally in my comfort zone.

"Chemtrail?!? [Montreal]" 

It's hard taking a picture without one of those appearing in the sky. 
A threat, or not?!? 
If you believe those conspiracies theories, 
these might be responsible for many ills in this world... 
I photoshopped it out in the previous picture, 
but made it my main focal point in this one. 
Let's just say I'm not too worried about it, 
right now... 

Just a few errands to run this morning 
and perhaps taking new pictures, 
if the opportunity arises. 
Have a good day!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WALL2WALL (258/365 DAYS, 4.0)

The last chapter of my journey on the Main 
where I've demonstrated there's fun to be had, 
wall to wall!!


From last year's edition, 
but still looking good, 
and always so colorful. 
Enjoy visiting his website.


I like this point-of-view, 
3 layers of architecture, 
the graphic, 
the wall, 
and a neighboring building in the background. 
To me, 
they're new and a delight to discover. 
Their website reveals the diversity of the creative genius behind the name.


A haunting vision, 
I love the details in this one. 
And you'll see plenty more here in this gallery

I hope you've enjoyed these recent posts 
featuring the vibrant work of many artists here in Montreal. 
I know I've enjoyed walking up and down those streets to find them 
and reveal them to you via my photography. 
'Til next time, 
take care!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

LET's FACE IT!! (257/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Art gives good face. 
And street art gives good face to the city. 
But city life imposes itself 
when one tries to capture it all.


This one was up a wall siding a narrow parking lot between two buildings. 
These eyes are truly captivating.

"A Squid Called Sebastian [MONTREAL MURAL FEST 2013]" 

The advantage of walking rather than driving through the district 
is that one can stop anywhere/anytime and look around. 
I spotted this one and waited for the guy to finish his delivery, 
but the car remained there and the door left open for quite a while. 
So I made do with it.

"Stare & Tchug [MONTREAL MURAL FEST 2013]" 

Across the street, 
this one also begged for my attention, 
but passing cars made it difficult to properly capture the lower part. 
Nailed it eventually... 
after much grumbling!!


A lovely mural... 
on a busy corner. 
Trust me when I say I was way passed grumbling 
and was swearing out loud... 
Trying to frame correctly the building, 
including the fire hydrant and the lamp post, 
with the least  possible interruption from the traffic or passers-by. 
When I thought I had the perfect shot, 
a bus entered the frame from the left side and stayed there, 
blocking completely my view. 
A passenger in the car behind the bus laughed 
because he saw what I was trying to do 
and he also saw my face change when I saw the bus. 
I decided to lit up a cigarette and wait a while... 
I eventually got pretty much what I wanted. 
Photoshop did the rest...

"Garage Door [STREET ART, MONTREAL, 2014]" 

On a quieter street, 
I spotted this. 
Someone will have to tell me who signed this, 
but I love this piece. 
It makes quite the statement. 
But this was not listed in the Mural Fest of either 2013 or 2014. 
Still worth a look nonetheless. 

The experience clearly demonstrated that patience is not one of my virtues, 
and I do swear... 
So what!?! 
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