Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FOG (099/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Been up all night.... 
Is it the storm coming that kept me up?!? 
All I can say is that there was fog when I left, 
fog rising fast.... 
when you have the time to admire such a thing. 
Off to work for me... 
Kinda pretty... 
From my perspective!!!

"Fog [St Helen Island, Montreal]" 

Looking across the river, 
I could barely see the island... 

"Fog [Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal]" 

I dare NOT imagine what it was like for folks coming from the south shore. 
Must have been a nightmare trying to get to work this morning. 
But I tried to make it look as pretty and romantic as one could.  
I will definitely not run a survey on how people felt about it though.... 

And I'll admit, 
with the rain and the [persistent] strong cold winds, 
it was rather chilly on my calves when I got home. 
Long pants for me tomorrow, 
especially if this rain turns to snow, 
as predicted... 

A NEW HOPE?!? (098/365 DAYS, 4.0)

It's Coming!! 
It's Coming!! 
No, not the 2nd coming

"At Long Last!!! [Crocuses]"

This is the first bit of greenery I see this year. 
But we'll be going back below the freezing point [again
and there may be snow... 
You can imagine my pleasure upon hearing this, 

"Eye See You!! [Birch Tree]"

I took that picture in late March 
when I realized Spring would not come early this year, 
and feeling like Mother Nature was watching me with her big eye here... 
But I've always been rather fond of birch trees. 
whatever comes, 
we'll deal with it. 
Looks like I'll be wearing shorts today 
as the massive drop in temperature is expected shortly after I'd get back home... 
but long pants for me tomorrow!!! 
As I write this, 
I hear cars splashing through the rain in the middle of the night...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

DÉJA VU (097/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Nothing wrong with reprising an old idea if you can make improvements on it, 
You'll remember that I went a week ago to see some pillow fight happening at the Phillips Square... 
Since I was there, 
I took a few pictures of a monument I had spoken about before, 
Since this monument was erected a century ago in 1914 
in memory of King Edward VII
I thought it'd be a good idea to take new pictures.  
I am indeed pleased with this new set of photographs 
as I feel they do better justice to Louis-Philippe Hebert's masterpiece 
by giving these the proper mood of the times back then.

"King Edward VII [Phillips Square, Montreal]"

"Peace [Phillips Square, Montreal]"

"Abundance [Phillips Square, Montreal]" 

"Liberty [Phillips Square, Montreal]"

"The Four Founding Nations [Phillips Square, Montreal]" 

I will not further discuss the monument here, 
but you can read the exhaustive post I did in 2011 
about the monument, square and surrounding buildings; 
or if you're too chicken... 
you can read what Wiki has to say about it. 
My sole purpose today was to offer you a fresh view of the monument itself.
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