Thursday, March 29, 2012


I got home 
and the building manager handed me something
Something I've been hoping for, 
for too many months now. 
I'd almost given up hope, 
but was willing to fight for my case any which way... 
But no need now!! 
I opened the letter 
and I took the elevator, 
tears swelling up in my eyes. 
I was between hysterical laughter and tears of joy!! 
It was from the Directeur de l'Etat Civil
a provincial bureau that legislate on whether you can change your name [or not]. 

For the last 50 years
I bore the name of my father. 
For the last 35 years
I bore the name of a pedophile. 
A pedophile that preyed on me for many years on a daily basis. 
During those years, 
I had [way] more sex with my father 
than my mom ever did in 46 years ... 
He paid me to keep silent 
but he needed not worry so much 
as my shame kept me quiet for many years, 
May all of the pedophiles of this planet get gangrene on their genitals!!! 
I started procedures to change my name about a year ago 
and I was getting worried it wouldn't work, 
after all of this time
I got a letter last summer telling me to give a justifiable reason to change my name, 
when I had already stated it in my preliminary request, 
and then in my official request.  
I must admit despair got the best of me. 
For me to need to justify my decision a third time, 
it only reminded me of the various social workers I had to deal with in the last few years, 
telling them why I shouldn't be the one caring for my widowed father... 
To no avail as I was stuck with him since 2006. 
Until 2011, 
when I felt I loathed him enough to strike him down. 
That's when I stepped back, 
change my phone and became suddenly unavailable. 
No more having to be in his presence ever; 
no more taking him to his appointments, 
no more Mister Nice Guy!! 
I was through!! 
It almost killed me [back in 2009]. 
I still have to deal with some consequences, 
but I am now hopeful!! 


I'm NO saint!! 
But I didn't kill him... 
nor did I call the cops on him either, 
but it came close, 
in either case. 
I loathe him that much!
On January 4th 2011, 
I wished him well and swore to myself I'd never see him again. 
That didn't quite work out the way I'd hope, 
because I saw him again even if he didn't see me, 
as he was leaving the hospital I was working at... 
I almost fainted in the ER parking lot when I saw him being transferred. 
But the matter is now in front of a judge 
and in the hands of his brother-in-law, 
my godfather...

I still can't decide: 
Should I laugh [with glee] or should I cry [with relief]?

I will [eventually] get that tattoo, 
wings on my left ankle, 
as my steps in this life should now feel lighter, 
a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders.

I have no clue who Reno Bernier is, 
aside from his title at the government, 
but I love him!! 
I am full of love right now!! 
I love the postman who brought this letter!! 
I love the building manager who handed me the letter. 
I  am also in love with myself for starting the whole thing in the first place. 
I may have entered this world bearing a cursed name, 
but I will leave this world holding my head proud, 
and free!! 
Just being 
It's been a long journey, 
but the worst of it is behind me now. 
I now have to follow the procedures 
to change all of my identification cards and accounts... 
That's my mission for 2012!! 


If you didn't listen to the previous vid, 
(shame on you!!), 
listen to this last one. 
Partake into MY moment!! 
Try feeling what I feel, 
if only for a moment. 
Is it asking too much? 
I am alone with this right now, 
but that's a choice I've made a long time ago. 
No partner, no kid(s), 
so I don't [ever] perpetuate a pattern... 
and my friends are too far away right now.

Should I cry? 
Should I laugh? 
I just know I need to wipe this stupid grin off my face right now. 
I now have to go to the convenience store downstairs, 
and I don't need to explain my sudden "sunny disposition"!! 

For those who still don't understand the importance of a name: 
Every time I would introduce myself, 
I would say HIS name. 
Every time someone called out to me, 
I'd hear HIS name. 
Every time I'd signed something, 
I'd signed HIS name... 
Do you get IT now?!? 

To all of those who fell prey to pedophiles, 
don't let them own you. 
They don't deserve to be responsible for destroying your life. 
Don't give them that pleasure!!
I've waited way too long. 
It shouldn't be YOUR shame but THEIRS!!! 
I only pray that judges around this planet will finally understand 
what kind of pain such individuals can cause us, 
and how it never [quite] heals!! 
To think that I am of a nurturing nature, 
(ask any of my old patients... and maybe my friends). 
But to be in a killing mood is so foreign to me, 
and yet so visceral...
I know I can love, 
but I know I cannot ever trust a man, 
for as long as I breathe. 
Unless [perhaps] 'till the right one comes along... 
What are the odds? 
I won't be holding my breath, 
but in the meantime, 
I'll be holding my head proud. 
HE doesn't own me anymore!! 
On paper at least... 
I'll never get justice for my pain, 
but I'm just being realistic. 
He would never get what he deserves, 
according to me. 
But he believes in God... 
Should I believe in God's justice?


  1. *Partaking in the moment*
    Liberta, finally.
    You deserve happiness.
    Survival is your strength.
    That I know.
    Happy for you, B. :-)


    OK! Là je r'tourne lire le reste...



    This is grrrreat news!

    Can't wait to hug you tight! (I'll manage to not hurt your back)

    Mouah! Mouah!

  4. @ WIL:
    may you find your own happiness!!
    Don't be a stranger.
    I've missed you.

  5. @ DEEPBLUE:
    You knocked a toe???

  6. @ LA BLOGGIA:
    Stick to the shoulders.
    Ca pis les coudes,
    c'est a peu pres tout ce qui ne me fait pas mal, par les temps qui courrent.

  7. This must be such a weight off of your life. I'm glad it came through for you and don't bother to quit smiling, you deserve a smile!!

  8. @ KRISTIN:
    I'm currently prepping my stamps for next Sunday, and there you are!!
    I'm actually kinda shy smiling, but the mood is up and the adrenaline is kicking through the roof!! I'll try going to bed as it is getting late, but I have my doubt. I feel like going out on the balcony and letting out a primal scream. And I can be quite "primal"!! The final touch will be when I'll see his name written next to my mother's, next time I go visit HER at the cemetery. What she went through? I dare not imagine, and I know I've added, despite myself, to her burden... She knew!!

    But I promise,
    I'll try smiling.
    A good honest smile...
    And I feel like crying saying this...
    Oh, K.!!
    You have NO idea...


  9. Oh Honey! I cry tears of happiness for you. Finally you are FREE!!!! I'm so very happy for you.

    Gross Câlins times a thousand! ( across the shoulders of course)


  10. @ COREYJO:
    much appreciated, as my back has not been doing so well lately. It had been such an important project for me, in 2011. To finally see its completion, I can honestly say it is time for me to exhale...

  11. Congratulations to my friend, Mr Liberty. May his life and his thoughts now match his magnificent name and may the dark days be behind him for ever. This evening, in the pub, I will raise a glass and toast liberty and be thinking of him.

    Much appreciated!!Patience is not one of my virtues, but it does have its rewards.

  13. What a defining moment in your life when you opened that envelope. I hope with your new name you can have a fresh start, putting the past behind you. This is your time to smile, laugh and celebrate!

  14. That was quite a decision you made! Congratulations!

  15. @ QUEEN BEE:
    The final step will be seeing his name next to my mom's at the cemetery,
    when I know I'll never have to see/hear him ever again nor hear about him.
    Until then, he gets to live the life he made for himself.
    I need to work out on mine and possibly fix whatever's wrong with it. A work in progress!!

  16. @ LITTLE NELL:
    If for a while, I thought I didn't want to offend anyone and kept silent, it got to a point where I just couldn't anymore. It was destroying me. I couldn't live a lie and pretend everything was alright when it wasn't...

    It was a long procedure, but I'm glad it's done now.


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