Monday, December 31, 2012

FAREWELL & HELLO!! (365+/365 DAYS, V2.0)

Now has come the time to reflect on the year gone by 
and to ponder what the future may hold for us for the oncoming year. 
2012 certainly was interesting to say the least, 
full of events, 
some good while others were [really] bad. 
If I've managed to accomplish a few things, 
I did nonetheless come across some major disappointments, 
but we all experience these moments in life, 
at one point or another. 
I hope to manage getting things better [soon?]. 
I must!! 
I need too... 
Shedding some bad habits, 
taking better care of myself 
and keeping my spirits up, 
believing this life can [actually] get better. 
Since I am honest by nature, 
I can't deny some things are at a standstill 
while others are clearly in the ditch. 
much like romance, 
still eludes me. 
I thought if you were lucky in one, 
you were unlucky at the other. 
But unlucky at both all at once? 
An unfair blow I say... 
As far as matters of the heart go, 
I just can't be bothered by such considerations right now. 
It's all up to me to smarten up [finally]... 
I was aiming at rebuilding myself anew, 
taking a fresh start in life, 
but it seems I'm still dragging some baggage from my past, 
something I didn't leave behind in the darkness 
from which I try desperately getting away from [for good]... 
I am damaged goods but not broken [yet], 
a work-in-progress
possibly never a masterpiece, 
but surely a unique creation. 
I would like to humbly find my place in this world 
and find untainted pleasure in the simplest things. 
I am rich in what is priceless, 
my friends, my pets, my hobbies, 
all keeping me sane. 
I just need to find my way in this dizzying maze called life. 
I always believed I had a purpose in life. 
I somehow need to reconnect with it. 
If only I could remember what that purpose was again... 
2013 already promises to be full of hurdles 
but I shall conquer them all, 
one at the time. 
This I can already predict. 
But beyond all of this, 
what is my goal?
My ultimate goal?!? 
This I have yet to define [clearly], 
as I've simply been going through the motions lately, 
not thinking much about anything. 
I recently got a rude awakening 
which made me realized how neglectful I had been about certain aspects of my life. 
Learning to be a better man should be my goal. 
I must keep faith that I can do just that, 
be my better self. 
Let's see in a year how far I've come... 
if I've somehow managed to bring myself closer to my purpose and/or my goal.

May the stars shine kindly upon you, me, on all of us, 
so that this world can prosper and find the enlightenment it so needs. 


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    1. And to you also, of course!!
      Thanx 4 being there all of this time!!


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