Wednesday, December 12, 2012


What a day!! 
The sun rose and set, 
life went on without me 
as I stayed home. 
Well not quite "home
since I had to exile myself with the two kittens for the day 
while my apartment was nuked again against bedbugs. 
I think I came back [alone] too early. 
I wanted to put some things back in place 
and empty some of the boxes 
before bringing in the cats. 
Despite opening the windows wide, 
the fumes were so strong, 
it is now mid-evening 
and I still have a massive headache. 
No nausea, 
but my head wants to split open.

I took these pics this afternoon, 
while waiting, 
having a smoke on a stranger's balcony. 
The day seemed fairly quiet in my neighborhood, 
for a change. 
I also managed to sleep for a couple of hours. 
Which was just as well 
as I needed the energy to fix [partially] my place up a bit. 
Just trying to bring back a certain notion of normalcy into my life/home 
after these last few weeks. 
Lord knows there's already enough going on right now in my life. 
If I can at least maintain some sense of peace at home, 
perhaps I won't go insane before year's end.

The bad news though: 
The technician told me this morning I had done wrong, 
as far as bedbugs go. 
As soon as I noticed their presence, 
I vacated the room and haven't returned since... 
I'm supposed to go back to bed in there, 
to draw them out of hiding and brush against his product, 
so they can die. 
In other words, 
I have to willingly offer myself as a buffet 
so they can choke to death. 
I only like the second part of that statement. 
I'll wait until the weekend to go in there. 
I just can't face it now. 
I obsess already bad enough!! 

If all my music and videos are back in their bookshelves, 
I still have the books to do... 
which I'll do before going to bed [on the sofa, again...], 
so I can see my kitchen counter and stove, 
which I haven't seen for the last three weeks... 

Despite it all, 
I'm glad to be back home, 
and so are the cats. 
Carrie took it hard today, 
and tonight? 
It's Ophelia who is now acting peculiar, 
in an hectic kind of way. 
Must be the fumes... 

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