Saturday, December 29, 2012

SNOW & OTHER MATTERS (365+/365 DAYS, V2.0)

You can blame the following silliness on the weather...

More snow today? 
more snow today...

I [obviously] decided to stay in, 
bathed but unshaven, 
wearing old comfy clothes 
and watching TV. 
I was watching [again] Sex & the City
the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends 
while I played with Miss Carrie Brad'Chat
my eldest cat, 
who had elected full time residency on my lap, 
while Ophelia o'CHUM usually remained hidden underneath my desk...

That old sweater, 
which I can't recall in which decade I got it. 
Pretty sure this goes back to those years when I worked at Eaton's. 
Who doesn't remember Eaton?!? 
Like me, 
it got old from all the wear and tear, 
but it remains one of the most comfortable things I can slip on when at home. 
All nice and cozy, 
while I watch the damn snow falling [yet again...]. 
Am I the only one left with such a sweater, 
one with those stripes that matched socks now long gone?...

In all my attempts at taking a decent picture of me, 
which I feel I've failed, 
I noticed that the red hair in my goatee stands out a lot, 
depending of the lighting. 
Most likely a legacy from Arthur, 
my maternal grandfather... 
But truth be told, 
I find it all in there: 
Blond, red, dark and light brown, black, 
and white too!!! 
Just not enough white to my liking, 
but that's another matter. 
As long as I don't find a white hair "you know where", 
I'm fine with getting older. 
Everything works fine. 
I just don't want any telltale sign on it 
that says it'll start collecting old age pension in a decade or so... 
A man is entitled to having a bit of an ego, 
isn't he?!? 

While the snow keeps on falling, 
rather keep the white outside rather than somewhere else... 


  1. Haha! I know a gal whose first grey hair was you know where!! Funniest story I ever heard her tell. I don't have the old sweater but I do have an old thermal undershirt of my fathers that I've worn practically transparent over the years due to the fact that its my comfort piece... I love watching the snow fall but then again when I go out I don't have to walk in it as you do..

    Cuddle up baby, winter's only beginning.


    1. I once found one on my balls in my 30s, which I plucked, and no!!
      10 more didn't show up for its funeral.
      My sweater is far from being down to its threadbare.
      It just look worn, but not out for the count yet.
      It has no sentimental like your did,
      and still, every time I go through my wardrobe to clean up,
      I just can't bare to throw it away.
      Odd, isn't it?!?

      Don't worry for me,
      I'm dressed for the season.
      I can face this season;
      I'm just not eager to...

  2. Ha,Ha!! Me semble de voir ta photo d'identité pour l'âge d'or, si tes poils blanc sont plus nombreux on sait où qu'en haut! ;¬D

    1. Juste a mettre mes lunettes la ou tu sais,
      pis a me peigner le "toupet"...


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