Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BUSINESS AS USUAL!! (029/365 DAYS, 3.0)

A quiet walk to get to work under the watchful eye of the full moon, 
I was hopeful to be facing a beautiful day 
but apparently, 
the weather girl is on dope!!! 
She promised us a day with sunny breaks. 
I don't know what qualifies as sunny breaks for her, 
but all I saw today were various shades of grey. 
No matter!! 
I ventured outside!!

I wouldn't have ventured out last night though 
when one of the mains broke and let a flood literally poured over the downtown district. 
The guys have been busy because today, 
it's business as usual!!! 
But from what I saw on the news last night, 
people would have welcomed this ramp 
since some got carried away by the water rushing downhill... 
Me, liking all things metal, 
this is an obvious choice as a topic today.

I stopped by to capture this, 
a reflection, 
but somehow, 
it feels to me like the past has been captured behind glass. 
a little photoshop, 
a couple of filters, 
and a texture to make it all look a little dingy, 
and voila!!

At the end of the day, 
I had to run an errand and didn't have my camera when I came across this, 
a graffiti by KOAL on the side of a truck. 
How could I let that one pass me by?!? 
Out came the cellphone...

Over all, 
not the greatest day on some levels, 
but not that bad either. 
The sun out there will soon set 
and we have yet to see any sunny break. 
I swear I shouldn't listen to that weather girl. 
She doesn't know crap!!! 

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