Friday, January 18, 2013

GUTTED!! (018/365 DAYS, 3.0)

Some building burned down some time ago, 
(was it a year ago or maybe even two, or more?...), 
but it is only this week that it's been taken down [partially so far]. 
Truth be told, 
it was high time they brought it down 
because I know there were some drug dealings going on inside, 
if nothing else
while I thought it sad when it burned, 
(yeah, I saw it happened), 
because it was a decent looking building, 
I still think it's a pity the fire didn't bring down as well the building next to it 
that's been abandoned for quite a while now 
and sticks out like a sore thumb. 
That corner definitely needs some revitalization real bad!!

despite looking at destruction, 
my creative eye was drawn to that hole in the wall 
and I angled my camera to see through that wall at the sky beyond. 
Funny thing though, 
while I was taking my pictures, 
a boy and a girl walked by, 
and the guy was saying that he used to live there, 
in the section still standing. 
What a coincidence!! 
He didn't sound like he was missing the place...

Once home, 
I played around and added some effects to my picture.

And I eventually ended up making it black and white. 
A last dramatic moment before it totally vanishes. 
I do not know if there are plans for this lot yet. 
I only hope this will not remain vacant like the other lot on the next corner, 
on the other side of the "sore thumb"... 
This used to be home to many people 
and it now lays there, 
its guts exposed. 
It would be nice if good karma came into this place 
to find it a new purpose, 
bringing comfort and safety to new people.


  1. Sad, but somehow the bluesky showing through seems to speak of hope. I agree ... if times were better a developer would snatch it up and build something so he could make money. And, that's okay to make money, if, as you say, if provides a roof and protection over the heads of some who need it or just want it. Amazing how a picture like this can stimulate so much thought ... Nice, I really like it!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Affordable lodging would be welcomed by many certainly. But the market is for condos.
      Just hoping this will be brought back to life, one way or another...


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