Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MORE or LESS?!? (008/365 DAYS, V3.0)

In life, 
I've often taken the road less traveled, 
and for better and for worse, 
I have very few regrets. 
But in regards to matters pertaining to winter, 
I somewhat prefer the more traveled road. 
The scene above may look quaint and even welcoming, 
but not so long ago, 
I went that way 
and walked like two to three feet ABOVE the sidewalk, 
often my feet would sink in the snow... 
So to see it cleared from snow like this, 
it is a relief as it is less arduous on my back 
and more enjoyable a walk this early in the morning.

While my footing is more secure, 
given the warmer weather this week, 
one must wary of what is above too, 
as those old houses in the districts often leak heat through the roof, 
causing those massive icicles to form, 
and they will eventually fall down, 
murderous as they are. 
This one is somewhere between 3 to 4 feet long and thick enough, 
that given its size/weight and its height, 
should it fall on someone, 
it could cause some serious damage. 
But I saw later on today that the tenant upstairs had broken the lower half from his/her window. 
Maybe my camera flash alerted him/her to the issue... 
But the largest chunk remains there, 
a constant threat. 
Me thinks I should go across the street instead of walking underneath, 
given my luck...

The day turned out great, 
rather mild with a bit of blue sky, 
a blue sky adorned with ribbons of pretty clouds, 
muting the warm rays of the sun  as the day drew to a close. 
I am now home, 
gladly [need I say], 
ready to savor a quiet evening 
until a new day arises, 
to reveal the familiar in a new way. 
Shall I opt for the more and the less traveled road!?!


  1. A great day for photography! Why is it icicles can be so beautiful and so murderous at the same time?

    1. We thrive on danger!!!
      Possibly because their existence is so ephemeral and in constant mutation,
      and the way they glow in the light, we feel a certain attraction.

  2. I remember those huge icicles when I was a kid! Don't see them very much out here in the boonies!!
    I would opt for the more traveled road as there would be better chance of discovering something/someone that will surprise you!

    1. Jim!!
      In this neighborhood, you don't want to be surprised [by someone],
      especially not at that hour...
      Trust me!!!


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