Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MY NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE of the DAY... (036/365 DAYS, 3.0)

Odd day!! 
I tell you!! 
I almost died... 
I called a colleague of mine and we made plans for lunch. 
We met and crossed the street north, 
next to a construction site, 
and were waiting for our light to cross east when... 
Part of the scaffolding of that construction site collapsed!!!! 
Right next to us. 
neither one of us were hurt, 
nor the bus or the cab waiting to to go south. 
It's nearly miraculous no one got hurt. 
But I don't like getting closed calls like that... 
I will no longer cross to that corner anymore. 
I'll go east, then north to reach the university, 
not the other way around. 
While this nearly gave me a heart attack at the time, 
I quickly recovered, 
marveling at my luck and at the inadequacy of some worker(s) on that site, 
my colleague on the other hand was quite shaken. 
I told her to call the others inside to tell them to avoid that corner at all cost [just in case]  
when going for their lunch. 
She made a call but her voice was trembling... 
We tried to make light of the matter but it is clear that she wasn't doing so well. 

No matter, 
we proceeded to the nearest food court. 
I indulged myself with a choco-banana pancake, 
and while we sat and ate, 
I thought this was sinful, 
and when I looked up, 
savoring the full cocoa flavor filling up my mouth in a rush of ecstasy, 
I saw Heaven!!! 
I saw Heaven!!! 
I mean... 
I saw the blue sky through the skylight... 
so it's not quite Heaven, 
but it is likely as close as I'll ever get to it, 
indulge me here!!! 
For a moment, 
I was happy!!
Was it my "near-death  experience" that made everything seemed so great, 
or was I really living a "perfect" moment? 
Who knows?!? 
My colleague then went to pick up a few items at the grocery store 
while I waited outside to [finally] enjoy a smoke... 
I was approached by a fellow asking for money. 
I declined. 
I give only to my regulars
He told me he wanted to eat a burger... 
Maybe he really did, 
so I relented and said I could give him $2. 
He quickly turned back toward me and said it was $3... 
I've never paid $3 for a burger!!! 
It just costed me $12 for a pancake, 
how can it be $3 for a burger?!? 
But I gave him $4 in the end, 
thinking "burger and a coffee" maybe?... 
He said "thanks" and crossed the street, 
to a McDo... 
either his pusher is "stationed" there, 
(and there are some hanging out there in case you'd like to know...), 
or he really went there for a burger. 
A $3 burger??? 
I told my colleague when she came out what happened, 
and she told me McDo has burger at $1.49[!?!]. 
Either they are f&cking tiny [like a teaspoon
or there's nothing in it.... 
While I found this hard to believe, 
I know she sometimes goes there, 
so I'll trust her for this, 
but the main thing is, 
if it made the guy happy, 
I should be happy. 
But I would honestly prefer knowing I helped him eat something today, 
even if it's not that great
than help him get his next fix
Know what I mean?.... 
So I've done a good deed today. 
If I die, 
maybe it'll work in my favor?!? 
Do you think?!? 
Or will I just end up in Hell anyway?... 

Just a reminder
I'm an atheist but I was raised by a Catholic mother, 
and a Pentecostal father... 
The Hell they put me through due to my lack of belief, 
even at a young age.... 
If I don't go to Heaven, 
me thinks I deserve at least a f&cking medal for surviving through this. 


  1. Other than that,It's been a fairly quiet day? want to borrow my hat?.Seriously....I came literally inches from being struck by a lighting bolt once while walking Heathcliffe's Pennine hills..pretty scary shit.

    1. I guess it might have been somewhat useful...
      Only you to cheer me up like that!!

  2. That sort of thing only happens to other people.

    1. I gather I'm "one of THOSE"...

    2. Actually, you seem to be one of us, with extraordinary experiences - keep it up.

    3. I yearn for peace and quiet,
      but Life has its own ways...

  3. I'm glad you're still alive. Would your readers ever know what happened to you if you weren't still alive?

    1. A friend of mine might have [eventually] figured out a way to enter and manage this blog,
      to close it with a farewell...
      But those who know me well would know that silence is not normal...
      But I've survived this day and so did you,
      so, it looks like we'll be talking again.
      A cheerful prospect!?!
      Thanks for dropping by!!
      Glad to still be around myself, surprisingly...

    2. I've had blogger friends die, and I've had blogger friends disappear. I hope you don't do either, my friend.

    3. Yes, I remember you mentioning this on your blog before...
      And I've also gone through a similar experience as well,
      especially with a girl from Australia with a brain tumor.
      Things just got weird on her blog and then she vanished.
      I figured the tumor made her act out strangely,
      and she eventually must have ended up at the hospital,
      possibly for her last stay there...
      But I was never told by her friends if that was it.
      Such is Life [and Death].
      Can't die, my agenda is full.
      I'll have to postpone that for later...

  4. Well at least it wasn't a helicopter! Walking in built-up areas seems to increase the danger of something falling from the sky onto you. The poor guy in London wasn't so lucky. Is it fate?

    1. While I would not willingly speculate about such thing, one may think some are responsible, for various reasons, of their own demise. Others just happen to really be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
      Is that fate? Only according to your own set of beliefs will you get an answer to that one.

  5. Thank goodness everyone survived! I have to laugh (with you) at your day, it sure is a typical of what to expect in the city, and if your heaven for today was that first photo, wow, what a glorious view! Be sure to watch for the sky falling again!

    1. This was just above us as we ate our pancakes,
      minus the specks of lights which I added, obviously...
      Imagine this with warm chocolate making its way in your mouth.
      A good feeling!!
      They remodeled the whole food court recently
      because it looked dated from another century.
      Now, it is light and airy.
      As for the sky, it cares not what happens below.
      It just goes on!!

  6. Holy Cow!! Well I am very glad that the scaffolding missed you and your friend. and the money you gave the man was very nice indeed!
    I tend to believe I have a guardian angel... how else have I survived all this crap??? Perhpas you do too!

    1. I don't have an explanation,
      but it was an eerie experience.
      To think that it could have ended all ever SO quickly...
      It just wasn't my time, I guess...

  7. I am glad that you were not hurt! Honoring the prompting to give that guy money for something to eat (even if he didn't spend it on food in the end) is the important part. That was nice of you. I used to do that a lot, when I lived in a more populated place. The winter snow keeps sign-holders to a minimum around here right now.

    Kathy M.

    1. I do believe he went in there to eat.
      Benefit of the doubt!!
      Here in Montreal, our poor are tough, they do it all year long,
      no matter the weather, even if it gets really nasty.
      We're built tough around here!!!
      We are Canadians!!!
      :D~ +++++++++++++

  8. I'm glad that your odd day ended well after all :-) and that the homeless man got something to eat.

    1. A happy ending for everyone!!!!

  9. Whew! Maybe you are like your cats and have 9 lives!! That was close Bruno! I can see that it would make one stop and reflect.....as you did. Lucky homeless guy who happened to be there to reap the benefits of your good luck.
    Oh atheist or not, you will be in 'heaven'....whatever your definition of that is.

    1. My definition of "Heaven"?
      A quiet place, no noisy neighbors and not a whiff of pot anywhere near me...
      That'd be a good start!!


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