Saturday, February 16, 2013


They keep saying on TV that Summer is coming
Can't we first have Spring? 
That alone would be much appreciated. 
In the meantime, 
we still have to contend with Winter and its quirks. 
A beautiful morning, 
I'll grant you. 
The patio door is open and the cats are sniffing the outdoors. 
But this does not suffice for me. 
I just want more!!

This possibly may explain my urge to repaint my world over in more vibrant shades, 
softening the light and the edges to create a gentler effect.

I wish I could have been a painter 
but that is a medium for which I had no real skills; 
but I did enjoy [so many decades ago] doing watercolor, 
not so much because of the results
but rather because I was fascinated by the whole process, 
watching as the sable brush would caress the rag paper [some heavy Fabriano], 
whether dry or wet, 
and admiring how the various pigments would sink into the paper to melt together in layers of colors. 
It was truly inspiring. 
I haven't kept any of my work 
but I remember fondly my experience, 
especially as I went to the Westmount Visual Art Center 
and met some great people. 
No connection remained from that time, 
but I had a good time there.

I like this scene, 
the sunlight filtering through that old building's windows, 
the smoke coming out of a chimney as someone tries to stay warm and cozy at home. 
You can barely see it, 
but a man is piling up some snow, 
even this early in the morning. 
The neighbors must be so happy with that... 
I saw a train pass by the riverside, 
pulling a long line of cargo. 
A boat sits idle by the pier. 
Little traffic to speak of on the roads. 
A typical Saturday morning. 
The neighbors upstairs are bugging me [again!!] as they keep on stumping on the floor. 
One day, oh, one day, 
I'm gonna go knock on their door... 
And that pothead that keeps poisoning us through the air vent, 
has already had his first joint early this morning 
and I expect him to have another pretty soon. 
That guy is stoned 24/7 as he smokes about four joints a day, 
But I just keep quietly to myself, 
drinking coffee after coffee, 
and playing with my pics on Photoshop...

Not bad for a wintery day, 
good light and mild temps, 
all things considered. 
Why then do I still feel gloomy?!?  
Maybe it's me I need to repaint over...


  1. Bruno all great photos, but my favorite is that old building too. Is it the windows? Is it the helpless charm to the entire photo? Who knows, but these are the places that always calling out to me.

    1. So, you like old things?!?
      You should like me then...
      For me, the light through the windows is what drew me this morning.

  2. The sunrises are definitely better in this post.

  3. Oh those February blues! We all need more colour and sunshine in our lives right about now!
    Wonderful photos Bruno. Can't believe the view you have.

  4. That's why I cheat a bit here, to shake those winter blues...
    Nice view for a small apartment, eh?!?
    The only times I didn't have great view/light at my place were,
    my very first apartment. It was OK by itself but the surroundings didn't suit me.
    And the, there was my last ex's apartment. What a sad place!!
    Didn't stay there long either.
    Every time I visited an apartment, sure, the rooms and amenities were important,
    but which way it's facing and what's to see is as important to me as the interior.
    Hence the location!!

  5. Yes, views are important, especially so in winter when views are 90% of what one gets from the outdoors. I would favor South and West, all else being equal.


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