Saturday, February 23, 2013


This week on Sepia Saturday
Alan's prompt picture seems to suggest that we foray through those old albums 
to find those pictures that bear no connection to our family, 
unknowns with a history now forgotten... 
Perfect strangers!! 

I told you before about these people... 
These are my godparents and their only child. 
Not related by blood but by a legal bound, 
as my father was adopted and this is his step-sister. 
I showed you pictures of their wedding [in 1956] here that I found in my father's things. 
I don't know for sure where they got married, 
but I know for a fact they lived for many years in Sept-Iles (Seven Islands, Qc). 
I think he drove a cab for a while, 
and I know he handled security also for a while in a shopping mall. 
She owned a fashion boutique. 
They then moved to Quebec City in the 1970s. 
I've shown you here pictures and postcards of a trip my parents made to visit them in the 1980s, 
one I didn't partake in but I also shared memories of a trip I made over there with a friend, 
skipping socializing with family altogether to pursue higher purposes. 
Truth be told, 
I very rarely got to see them for more than a couple of hours here and there 
and if they were in town, 
I could sit next to them possibly without even realizing we are related. 
They have become perfect strangers!! 
Behind the picture, 
it says this was in April 1959, 
for my godfather's birthday, 
making him an Aries, 
and it also mentions this was shortly after my grandfather's death, 
mentioned here before.

My cousin, 
for his first birthday in December 1958. 
I remember seeing him when I was nine 
when I made this trip with my father that I discussed here
Some of you like those pics taken from a plane of Churchill Falls and all...  
and you even made fun of that guy with his poodle!!
So, my cousin... 
I was nine and he was four years my senior, 
and not very nice to me. 
We didn't become best pals, 
but he's the one who got me started on smoking... 
Export A's if I remember correctly. 
That was in Sept-Iles
When I saw him ten years later in Quebec City
he was married and had already four children. 
I spent my week with my parents at my godparents', 
rocking the baby who kept on crying because of a ear infection 
and the father couldn't even bother to take care of his own child. 
Now do you understand why I didn't seek to see them again? 
Not my notion of fun!! 
I know he eventually divorced his first wife and remarried, 
and had another child [at least] with his second wife... 
I don't know what happened afterwards, 
nor do I care really...

October 1958, 
the classic sailor suit photo!!  
A postcard photo stamped in the back, 
"John A. Rodriguez, Oct 2nd 1958, Seven Islands, P.Q., Neg # 123062"
I had to do some photoshop to restore it due to printing defects 
and a few creases that added up over the years, 
a photo long forgotten along many other things at the bottom of a box. 
I doubt my father looked at it much... 
I gave it its sepia tone as it was originally a B&W picture, 
a little faded too.

strangers, not strangers... 
It's all a matter of how you define it. 
I don't know about their daily life, 
nor did they know about mine... 
That's OK!! 
Head out now to 
where you may meet other perfect strangers, 
introduced by the other contributors.

legitimate Sepians can gather and share info on our Facebook group page
Have a nice week!! 

Since I like to finish things off with a bit of music... 

And I did post in the past a picture of perfect strangers, 
found in my father's things, 
where I spun a whole fictional story... 


  1. At least you get to choose your friends :)

    1. Amen to that!!
      Indeed I do, and I got some great ones too!!

  2. You are such a philosopher, TB. I don't know if it's sad, ironic, or just funny that some of our own family members are really strangers, and that as bloggers and Sepians, we might actually know more about people we've never met than about those who share our DNA.

    1. These may be some of the truer words I've ever heard.
      Strange what modern life can do indeed,
      that we are more connected to strangers than our own bloodline.
      though I must say I was raised into not caring much about the latter,
      and life chose to make me quite open in finding out about perfect strangers.
      Also, making friends has made this life a little richer too!!

  3. I suppose some strangers arrive with handcuffs........

    1. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    2. Sorry That Was A Bit of an "obscure" comment ! {Infact , I had to go back and reread your post again in order to workout what I meant myself!} Maybe it was because you said ......I know he handled security also for a while in a shopping mall. ....... If nothing else, it does relate to Alans comment to me this morning.:)

    3. Wow, how your mind works!!!
      As for handcuffs, I used to have my own...
      so "strangers" didn't need to bring theirs!!

  4. It seems odd to have strangers in your family, at least I though so until I realised how many people in my family became strangers to me - known by name but not by sight. Just adrift like strangers in the night.

    1. I think this happens more often than not,
      in some family at least... :/~

  5. Perfect song for the day. "Strangers are Strange" would be a good one too. Haven't heard that in awhile. Strangers in our midst.

    1. Even those we think we know,
      we may not know all that well...

  6. You have reminded me of the wonderful 1st birthday photos, taken in the highchair with the cake on the tray. So typical, yet so treasured by each family.

    1. And you, in turn, gave me an idea for our facebook group.

  7. These are all great pictures. I have some cousins that I never see nor talk to anymore, only because we have drifted apart...though we were so close when we were little. I would still recognize them though.

    If you cousin does read this post, will he leave you a comment or send an email, I wonder?

    I like how you are signing your new name on your pictures now. Hope that you are having a great weekend, B.

    Kathy M.

    1. I paid enough $$$, I think I can use my new name!!!!
      I'm not ashamed of this one.

      As far as my cousin goes, I doubt it.
      My relatives are francophone, so I'm pretty sure my blog will go under THEIR radar...
      which is fine with me!!!
      I did without them for over half a century.
      I think I can manage on my own for another 50 years...
      Even when one of them learned about the real situation with my father,
      he didn't say I should quit taking care of that man,
      but instead, he kept asking for "one last thing", over and over again...
      even if this was killing me [not softly, like in the song...].
      I've come to distrust everything that is "family" oriented...
      Yes, I have trust issues, and for good reasons, I believe.
      Even if they should read this, I would hope they would also read the comments,
      and my answer is: F&CK OFF!!
      My family is my friends, those who have stuck by my side for these last 30 years.
      Those who are bound to me by blood or by law are just pretending.
      I mean nothing to them,
      nor they to me.
      'nough said...
      HUGZ [2 U Kathy]

  8. One of my most favorite songs of his. Did I ever mention that I met Frank in real life and we exchanged greetings? Yes, it was my first trip to Las Vegas and he was surrounded by five (extremely handsome and manly body guards) he is a gentleman on and off the screen. Also, your post on Vivian really rocked my world! I think she and I may be related, by spirit anyway!

    1. Never mind about Frank!!! (Sure he was a peach...) Tell me more about those bodyguards!!!
      Five of them, eh??? Oh, one at the time...8 pm, 10 pm, midnight, 2 am, 4am...

      Vivian had a natural talent and it is a pity she was discovered post-mortem...
      But to be [finally] recognized?... A little too late perhaps, but still,
      it is fortunate that this work came to the broad daylight. I only wish she could be there to comment,
      to explain her process, why she opted for certain subjects, und so forth...
      We can only speculate now...

    2. Trust me you would have had a pressing time to figure out what order, and which one first! They were all that handsomely-manly! I will have the moment etched in my memories forever!

    3. Since they had to be part of his entourage, it is normal that they should enhance the view,
      not be a sore thumb looking like thugs. Enjoy the memories...

  9. An interesting take on strangers/unknowns. Thanks for finishing off with Frank. My mother was very taken with him I believe. I remember reading some trite remark somewhere that strangers were only friends we hadn't met yet...hrrumph.

    1. And our web experience speaks volume about that. Once upon a time, we didn't know about Sepia Saturday nor each other, and look at us now, caring, helping, sharing. When was the last time we shared/helped/cared for a family member. Me, it goes back to 2011, and it was against my will, and my better judgement....

      Yes, strangers, there's something about it.
      I'm happy to know a few strangers, strangers no more...

  10. That's a cool hairdo on the sailor suit boy.

    Well, maybe I should join Facebook to interact with "the Group," but I don't want to deal with the other stuff on Facebook.

    1. Well, I've just been declared a mean person on Facebook, so, at your own risks.
      If you decide to come to Facebook, I can only advise you, if I may (since I'm mean...),
      when you set your profile up, set everything to "private", do not allow any applications,
      and if you publish something, remember to set it to "private", or to any level you prefer, friends or group, as you wish. If you publish it as "public", you're fair game!!!
      Should you join in the next little while, I'll be the one admitting you.
      If you take your time setting up your profile, then, it may be Marilyn handling your admission.
      But being an insomniac, I may be there as well...
      I'm going to bed soon as I have a massive headache and need to rest.
      But if you have any question, of course, Marilyn and myself are there to help you along
      in regard to the Facebook group.

  11. The thought of Facebook makes me think of all the family who are always trying to get me to join. I smile, then politely say, "NO!"

    I often wonder what my life would have been like if my two uncles who died as babies had instead lived. Perhaps I would have had at least one cousin who would have cherished my oddness instead of doing their best to either ignore or insult me.

    I understand where you're coming from.

    1. In regard to Fb, you can read my recommendations to Postcardy in the previous comment.
      As for family, one cannot choose it but one can decide whom to interact with, or not...
      No one needs insults in his/her life. Choosing friends wisely brings equilibrium in your life
      and can be of great comfort in this world.
      As for being odd, well, maybe we should start a club!!

  12. Ok that's just too much cuteness and the quiff was the final straw; no perhaps it was the gap-toothed baby smile.

  13. A perfect perfect strangers post. I agree with Wendy's observation, we Sepians have developed an appreciation of strangers that is a very special social media group. How else would I know so much about people in Yorkshire, Virginia, Australia, Detroit, Montreal, and enough places to cover the globe?

    1. The web presents us with an opportunity to broaden our horizon,
      and I am more than willing to expand my "neighborhood"...

  14. This week I decided to work my way through the list by starting at both ends and working towards the middle and, as things happen, yours became the last of the 56 I read. And it was a perfect choice because not only did I have the usual Ticklebear fascinating post, but that lovely music to play me out of what has been another classic Sepia Saturday week.

    1. "The last shall be first"...
      or something like that!!

  15. I wasn't particularly surprised to read that he drove a cab, or that she owned a fashion boutique - they both looked well suited (haha) to those professions.

    1. Ah Brett!! You're funny!!
      But you can't always judge by appearances.
      I was once on TV on a gameshow where you have six participants with six job labels,
      and the three contestants have to guess who's doing what for a living.
      The guy who had the highest score had decided I must be the transvestite barman...
      He failed to notice the chest hair protruding from my shirt,
      which mean if I were such, I had been unemployed a long time now...
      Even once it was revealed who was doing what,
      after the show, one of the contestants had trouble wrapping her mind around the idea
      I could actually work in an hospital, what with the tattoos and piercings...
      They just weren't as popular as nowadays.

  16. I love your attitude. Yes friends can be better than family. As someone up above said, you can choose your friends, but not your family. It's so true.

    1. 'Morning Nancy!!
      Even with friends, you have to choose wisely...
      Luckily for me, I've come across some great people in my lifetime.
      Some left, some stayed, but something worthwhile was shared
      for the time our respective path ran along each other.

  17. Your cousin had a baby table with chair rather than a high chair. I didn't live near many cousins. Memories of some are good and some are not. Meeting again as teenagers was awkward. In recent years I have sent Christmas cards to all - hoping to re-establish some family connection. There are several who have never responded but I intend to persevere for the sake of my family history pursuits.

    1. You have an ulterior motive but I have no such interest in my case.
      My parents never really bothered to tell me about their respective family.
      And since I have no kids, my decision doesn't deprive anyone.
      But I do admire the work done by others.
      Good luck to you.


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