Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I think it would be fair to get a warning when you have a good day ahead. 

I was up early this morning as if I was going to work 
but since I didn't have to, 
I instead had two coffeepots and some time to play with the cats. 
The reason I didn't go for a midday nap: 
lunch with one of my BFFs, 
Martha Wannabe
the Lady who Lunches!! 
We hadn't done that in such a long time 
and since I have the whole week off, 
why not indulge ourselves!?! 
she had reasons to celebrate 
and wanted me to partake into her happiness. 
How could I refuse?!? 
We had lunch at Holt Renfrew's Café
She had some kind of tartine, 
I had the Salade Nicoise, 
with delicious red tuna. 
As usual, 
I had the best dish. 
We used to have lunch like that, 
once upon a time, 
when we both worked downtown on a regular basis, 
and I always ended up with the best dish. 
Ah, memories!!! 
And we talked about this and that, 
our current affairs, 
no, not love affairs
but more practical matters, 
as much is happening all around. 
Just like in the "good ol'days"... 
Who'd thought we'd ever say that?!? 
Not me!! 

we kissed goodbye 
and I went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 
to renew my membership... 
and see their latest exhibit: 
What can I say about this? 
It triggered so many memories... 
I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was about 9 years old to visit those sites. 
Tintin came to mind with "L'oreille cassée" (The Broken Ear) predating WW2.
Some features on those statuettes made me think of Easter Island
Let's just say this was like a pilgrimage into my childhood. 
I went there just to have a "quick look" to see IF I wanted to really see this. 
That "quick look" lasted about two hours!!! 
there is a LOT to see, 
from pictures to artifacts to contemporary art and publications. 
There were a few drawbacks though: 
You have to be about 5 foot high to really enjoy some of the installations. 
I guess they wanted to make this "kid friendly"... 
I'm a foot taller, 
so you can just imagine my dilemma.
Was I supposed to kneel? 
Mirrors would have been nice to reflect details on such artifacts, 
on too many occasions.
Some room was poorly lit and had video screens along with some artifacts. 
How do they expect us to appreciate the artifacts if we've been blinded by the screens? 
Not a good mix in my opinion. 
I understand that some things may be photo-sensitive, 
but this was an exaggeration...  
I found so many things exciting 
and not necessarily what you'd expect, 
that I daresay this was a great exhibit. 
It is seductive, 
and overall, 
a great experience. 
I am definitely going back!!! 
I just wish they'd let me take a couple of pictures of a few things, 
like that sculpture of a kneeling warrior, 
a tiny thing, 
all things considered, 
but such a great piece. 
Think about it, 
there are pieces there that date back two thousand years ago 
and they look like something new [practically]. 
it made me reflect, 
as advanced as they were, 
this was also a brutal society, 
what with their human sacrifices and such... 
What about us? 
What is it that we sacrifice nowadays? 
Our humanity?!? 

The only thing that really annoyed me in that exhibit is... 
Some of their texts on the walls were peeling off 
and I had to rub them back into place because nobody dared to... 
especially in the first room, 
the blue room...
Look into it!!

On my way home, 
I stopped by to photograph these gargoyles. 
I could hear them talking to each other...

I couldn't decide here whether I preferred the colored version or the black and white...

This one especially drew my attention!!

same dilemma!!!

And when you look hard enough, 
you can tell this one lost an eye... 
"Au royaume des aveugles, le borgne est roi!!"
Unless he's winking... 

Told you I could hear their chatter!! 
T'was a good day, 
a good day indeed!! 
If only it had been sunny, 
you'd have seen more pics, 
but I spotted a few locations 
that may yet proved to be of some interest. 
'Till next time, 
Farewell my friends!! 


  1. What a wonderful day you had and I can see it left you in good humour.

  2. Sounds like a great day. Enjoy the rest of your week off.

  3. So the gargoyles are talking to you, are they!!?? Hm-m-m-m.....
    Sounds like a great day all way round! Here's to more of those Bruno! Great shots too! I liked the colour gargoyles myself.

    1. No, no, they're not talking to me, just among themselves...
      What? Do you think I'm going crazy?!?

  4. Enjoy your time off. How do you manage to always choose the best dish? :-D

    1. Pure instinct!!
      When our plates arrive, people take one look at my choice
      and suddenly regret theirs... somewhat!! It doesn't mean their dish is bad,
      just that mine is better.

  5. Super!! Tu profites de ton abonnement au musée!
    De mon côté, je ne crois pas le renouveler... je paierai à chaque entrée.
    Cette exposition sera peut-être encore à l'affiche à mon retour, j'espère avoir le temps de la visiter.

    J'aime bien la version couleur des gargouilles. Ce bleu omniprésent est super! ;¬)

    1. Elle fini le 16 juin, donc je crois que tu auras le temps de la voir.

      Le temps gris rendait tout un peu glauque, donc, j'ai booster un peu...


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