Thursday, March 7, 2013

ENIGMA (066/365 DAYS, 3.0)

I was intrigued today while going down a street I've known for years, 
occasionally using it, 
when I noticed for the first time something on a wall" 
That's all, 
just that number painted large on this brick wall. 
I swear I never saw it before 
and I have no idea what it is for either. 
That's the only inscription on the wall, 
there is nothing around it [that I saw] that warrants being identified in such a way. 
Why is it revealed to me only now?!?

Possibly this is a seasonal enigma, 
as in the summer, 
that number wouldn't be visible at all behind the hedge, 
which would explain the novelty of it. 
There was no one around to offer an explanation, 
so this is still open to speculation. 

After picking up a few items, 
I finally got home, 
and as soon as I had emptied the bag, 
Miss Carrie Brad'Chat jumped in 
while Ophelia o'Chum hovered around, 
hoping to squeeze in. 
No can do!!! 
Wait your turn!! 
Which she eventually got, 
but for all her troubles, 
her head got trapped in the handle 
and she ran away [despite my objections] with the bag dangling by her side. 
I eventually managed to catch her 
before she would seriously hurt herself. 
Since cats are so crazy, 
I took this picture of the two of them 
while Carrie was still in the bag, 
added a scratchy texture as if the cats had a field day with the negative 
even if we all know I've gone digital many years ago, 
and a little psychedelic effect just for good measure. 
If you have to go crazy, 
go crazy all the way!! 
The best kind of crazy... 

This is it for today!! 
Nothing too special 
but it was fun for me. 
Any suggestion as the meanning of "6"? 


  1. I love your artsy kitties and I can relate because the head in the bag handle trick happens here to ... only panic ensues and things get scattered.

    As for the "6" ... there could be a million reasons someone would paint a six on the wall. Who knows what they were thinking. But, that said, I decided we need to guess at what "6" would make sense painted on a brick wall, so I picked the Six degrees of separation, the theory that anyone on earth can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries. Maybe someone is trying to connect with you :)

    I Love coming over here ... it's been a year since you helped me get started as a blogger. You are and will remain a favorite. Thank you for being there!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. I leave them some bags to play with,
      since they like them so much,
      but I cut off the handles first,
      for obvious reasons.

      While your theory of the "six degrees" seems a little far fetched in this context,
      why not take it as a good omen.
      But if I start finding more "6"s, I may start to worry a bit...

      As for your beginning in the blogosphere,
      you may have needed some encouragements to start from various people,
      but I dare say you've now become an inspiration yourself to others.
      Your love for the wild life is moving and you showcase it very well.
      Through your blog, you explore yourself and share it with all of us.
      I say this is a plus!!!
      Thanks for coming by!!
      Always a pleasure!!

  2. i Love Those Crazy Cats! I,like you Bruno, am a "cat person".Cats are smart,you would catch them fetching balls,begging,going for walks etc etc (unlike some other forms of pet i could mention!)

  3. Mine like to play fetch, but on their own terms...

  4. Replies
    1. Nice pun Darling,
      but no, nothing mechanical,
      no electrical boxes,
      no sewer that would justify such marking...
      The mystery remains!!


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