Sunday, March 17, 2013


Since I don't have the luck of the Irish
I left home perhaps too late to go take pictures of the St Patrick's parade 
as I couldn't position myself to get some decent photos. 
The place was crawling with people despite the cold. 
Quite the contrast from last year where it was balmy... 
Since the parade was out of the question, 
I started wandering around.

As I was going down a street, 
something drew my attention, 
so I got closer. 
It may sound like blasphemy on St Patrick Day
but it's a water tank!!! 
Should have been a large keg of beer
but instead, 
I run into a water tank!!! 
Such is my luck!!

It is sitting atop the Gillette Building
built in 1911.

And it is right next door to the St Patrick Church
How convenient!! 
And my revenge on missing out on the parade. 
Then why didn't I photograph the whole facade? 
As luck would have it, 
the church is under repairs 
and scaffolding is hiding part of the facade... 
Oh well!!!

you may wonder why my pictures are all in black and white 
on such a sunny day... 
I have a colored version for each of these, 
but I some how felt in the mood for B&W. 
And that's that!!

Across the street, 
a piece of wall from an old building, 
still held up by large beams. 
I still wonder why they're saving that wall. 
Which means I should do some research to find out 
what kind of business was once there to merit such care. 
I know what used to be in the basement, 
but let's not go there...

Next door, 
the Unity Building
I have no idea what it looks like inside, 
but I love its curved roof line with that motif.

The Convention Center
shining bright in the sun!!!

A globe, 
just a globe. 
Why a globe?!? 
Why you ask me??? 
I don't know...

The pagoda on the roof of the Holiday Inn in Chinatown
reflected on the glass windows of the Convention Center.

Pigeons nesting on a windowsill in Chinatown
Isn't it a little risky?!?

I wonder: 
These houses, 
are they a legacy of the Chinese people living there, 
or since this use to be a Jewish neighborhood, 
is it Jewish?!? 
Some of those houses have a certain European flair to them, 
so I cast my vote for Jewish!!

Who is it that said he was in the mood for black and white?!? 
I just had to slip one in...
Old houses on St Elizabeth Street.

A view of the future research center. 
And that's for the security guard who harassed me last Friday 
while I was taking some pictures of L'Union Francaise 
while standing in the parking lot of the building belonging to the hospital. 
I kept taking my pictures like I did today. 
A public building, 
paid for with MY taxes!?!?! 
F%ck off!!

As I was slowly finding my way home, 
I came across a familiar sight 
and gave it a go!! 
in my opinion.

And this will eventually become home for someone. 
Speaking of home, 
I was eager to reach mine 
as I couldn't feel my hands anymore. 
Not wearing gloves will do that to you. 
Picked up a few things at the convenience store 
and went home,
where I was greeted by my pussies. 
They're always glad to see me, 
especially Carrie!! 
I may not have the luck of the Irish
but I did end my day a la Irish, 
with a beer!!! 
Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!! 

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