Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The day after Monday... 

On my way to work, 
I took another look at this building, 
so long abandoned and I believe karma has something to do with it. 
I've been living in the district for a good while now, 
you might say... 
Every commercial endeavor there were short lived 
and the building has found itself empty more often than not. 
I think this is not meant to be commercial 
but home to someone. 
I'm surprised no condo project were ever proposed here. 
There's a little park next to it; 
bus stop and metro station near by. 
Most amenities can also be found within a short distance. 
But until someone gets the bright idea, 
this place will just waste away. 
I believe in karma to a certain degree. 
Over the years, 
there was a fire in the same spot a few years apart. 
There are now condos there, 
but no way I would EVER consider that place. 
Bad Karma I say!!! 
You can see the pictures from the second fire HERE.

T'was a grey day today 
until I came out after lunch 
and noticed a weak sun peaking through the clouds. 
I know if was in the forecast 
but I thought it was just teasing me, 
that it would have disappeared once I was done working, 
but no, 
it was still there when I came out after work!! 
I had to go to our Health Ministry's local office to renew my medicare. 
the one I got last year when I changed my name was only good for a year... 
I dreaded going back there, 
thinking I'd wait forever, 
but the walk was so pleasant that I didn't mind. 
And I was in no rush to get there: 
I felt a pimple growing on my nose!! 
When you're fifteen, 
it is a frequent concern; 
but when you're past fifty, 
that's just plain silly!! 
With my proverbial luck, 
of course I had to get a pimple the day my picture would be taken... 
But everything turned out fine, 
even if it felt a tad more complicated than the last time I was there. 
They've changed their procedures 
but to be honest, 
it seemed even more efficient. 
Who knew the government could ever be like that, 
more efficient?!? 
If you consider by the time I reached the building, 
I went up to their office, 
was sent back to the main floor to collect a paper, 
(that was new...), 
when up again but to a different floor, 
was told to sit down 
only to be called again to get another paper with another number on it, 
to go back to my seat. 
I eventually met someone who asked me questions to ascertain my identity. 
I didn't bring up the issue of my two names... 
That would have really confused him, 
I think... 
Then I stood in line to get my picture taken, 
got there eventually after some woman finished debating some points 
she should have resolved with the person at the desk instead, 
me thinks, 
got my picture taken and paid for it, 
and left. 
All of this in about 40 minutes
give or take
I dare say this was pretty good!!! 
The sun was even still shining!!

On my way to and fro, 
I took a few pics because everything looked so much brighter and nicer.

I got home with beer and pizza, 
a different kind of pizza from last time... 
And I looked in the mirror out of curiosity. 
The pimple still doesn't show and maybe it will just vanish, 
as if... 
I'm gonna get my new card in a couple of weeks, 
and I got a few pictures to show for today. 
Not a bad day
even if I wasn't doing too well myself. 
Still spasm-ing... a lot!! 
Such is my lot!! 
But I am satisfied with my day 
and glad it is now over. 
I wonder what Wednesday will be like? 
I know what's on Thursday though: 
Payday and bringing the accountant my papers for my income tax reports. 
Oh Joy!!! 


  1. I completely agree it seems pimples have a mind of their own! I'd love to see more of the first abandoned house! It really caught my eye, almost as much as the tall red cone thingy that I'd love to have. Hmm but it would clash with our other colors....or maybe not!

    1. What you are coveting, my dear, is a church spire...
      It won't clash with anything.
      Just repaint your house red and it'll just blend in,
      with the house, if not the neighborhood!!!


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