Friday, March 29, 2013

PASSION on this GOOD FRIDAY (088/365 DAYS, 3.0)

I was taking a nap when I was awakened by what sounded like chanting
which wouldn't have surprised a whole lot, 
this being Good Friday for some... 
While it sounded fervent from afar, 
it was not what I expected...

I grabbed the camera [of course!!] and went outside to observe. 
Turns out these were parents protesting against some decision from our ministry of education. 
What a big surprise!!! 
The degree of discontent in our society keeps on rising, 
for one reason or another, 
and one can't imagine [yet] what it will culminate into [eventually], 
as I doubt any of our politicians can find a solution to appease the masses. 
There is not one political party that can boast to have the blind support and allegiance of the people. 
While Quebecois have often been considered complacent... 
these last few years, 
a momentum has been building up in civic actions to denounce 
mismanagement and corruption of our government at all levels, 
and cynicism has become the norm. 
There's a saying in French: 
"Méfiez-vous de l'eau dormante..." 
It would hardly shock me if it all turned into a tsunami
forcing the collapse of our establishment 
to reshape our society. 
Into what?!? 
I don't know.... 
It is merely speculations at this point, 
but it just keeps adding on. 
Something has got to give before it all blows up... 

This here though was a peaceful demonstration, 
all things considered, 
family protesting with their children. 
Something about "L'Ecole de la Roseliere"... 
Good luck to them!!! 
Sounds like they had a good school and now it's doomed to be closed. 
That sucks!!
But it wouldn't be the first time we see decisions being made with an utter lack of judgement... 

The police keeping a watch on things, 
and keeping them safe at the same time, 
in this case... 

If I don't go where the action is, 
the action comes to me, 
it would seem...
I took these pics because I liked those shadows multiplying the presence of the crowd, 
giving it an eerie feeling. 
These shadows weren't threatening in the least, 
but one should never underestimate the power of the people. 
I'm just saying... 


  1. What little police cars compared to the Crown Victorias that the cops in my town drive. Sorry to hear about the unrest. In the U.S, we're, of course, largely ignorant of what is happening anywhere but here and in the Middle East.

    1. Yeah, just what goes on in your country is quite enough.
      We often hear about the USA, and it is always appalling...
      We're boring, in comparison, but I'm fine with that.

      PS: would be nice if the media would focus on something else than the most horrible things, eh?!?

  2. I am waiting for the power of the people to stand up and be counted. Here we are held hostage by a congress that is owned by the rich (what else is new). All that I grew up believing in is being dashed by a small group who have minipulated our politics until we seem to be powerless against them. As you said, something has to give ... the people need to take thier country back. Will it happen? I don't have the answer to that, but I can only hope ... and do what little I can to bring it about. Great pictures ... I agree the shadows add a dimension that makes one ponder. Be well, TickleBear ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. Thanks Andrea, I am as well as one can be, given certain circumstances...
      Something needs to change, but I fear some may get hurt in the process.
      Those who hold the power also hold the law, the police and the army.
      I doubt they will leave power willingly and may fight to stay on top [of us...].
      Democracy has taken a weird turn this last century, our politics are too influenced
      by private interests that serve NOT the people, the majority.
      When I walked in the march for Occupy Montreal in October 2011,
      we shouted that we were the 99%...
      And if we used to be the silent majority, we are less and less now.
      When I was growing up, I remember manifestations, namely in Europe, France especially,
      and I found that frightening a bit. But since becoming an adult,
      I've learned the importance of voicing one's opinion as there always seems to be an asshole around
      who wants to deny you that right. I've learned to stand up for myself.
      Can I now stand up as a citizen?!? When push comes to shove,
      the true nature will show...


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