Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SACRIFICE (079/365 DAYS, 3.0)

On this first day of Spring, 
I made the ultimate sacrifice 
and dragged my sorry ass outside to visit Old Montreal
I waded through puddles of water for you, 
(my Harleys are a mess now...), 
got knee deep in snow, 
got drenched and nearly got hit by a truck. 
The only thing that didn't happened was 
birds shitting on my head...

On my way there, 
I saw this "lion in winter", 
even if the calendar says it is Springtime
a sculpture in a local park.

This one you really need to open in another tab to see fullsize
a view of the eastern part of the Old Port
with St Helen Island, La Ronde, the Clock Tower, MY bridge, those condos and Molson.

Hard to believe this used to be part of the Port of Montreal
very industrial, 
and now posh condos. 
Well, I presume... 
given the price of these and the view, 
they better be posh!!!

The Clock Tower
always so pretty!!

A seagull on a lamp post, 
and from the look of it, 
not the first time a seagull lands on it, 
if you know what I mean...

The local vermin!! 
At least rats don't make noise 
and squirrels are cute. 
But these?!? 

I came across Cormier's installation at the old port 
and I'm surprised it is still standing. 
So many other things get vandalized...

Quiet on the river at this time of the year. 
I needed a picture of the river for my Sepia Saturday post this weekend. 
So, Voila!!

I always find it soothing to look at the river as it flows past me, 
leaving me behind to cross many lands and join the Atlantic, 
far, far away...

De la Commune Street
where most of my mishaps happened today... 
Looks peaceful from here, 
but beware!!...

This building interests me for some reason. 
I'm gonna keep this aside for a future Sepia Saturday post, 
me thinks. 
I should do some research before hand 
to know if it's worth it.

I was taking a[nother] picture of this building when I got splashed from head to toe 
with muddy water by a speeding car who may have done it on purpose. 
I barely had time to realize what was happening 
to turn away and stretched out my arm to keep the camera as far away as possible. 
It got some but I took the worst of it... 
I was so delighted!!! 
Then I went toward the train tracks to take a full view of the building 
and that is where I sank knee deep in snow. 
At least, 
the snow was clean...


This would need some sprucing up 
but I see potential here.

An inner courtyard. 
I'd love to live somewhere with an inner courtyard, 
private, quiet, nice...

Lovely architecture, 
the kind I like when thinking of old architecture.

Pointe-a-Calliere looming in the back.

Love these windows, 
but that is where I came face-to-face with a truck, 
or is it the other way around since I was standing still?... 
Can't really blame the driver. 
The street is narrow, 
I was on the side street, 
there's almost no sidewalk to speak of 
so the buildings block the view when you turn... 
'till the last minute. 

Since this was almost my last picture ever, 
not too bad, 
I daresay... 
At least, 
I would have been thinking of something nice!!!

On Notre-Dame Street.

Look at the time!! 
Time to go home to dry myself off 
and count my blessings for surviving this day.


Nice of them to mention it. 
But that wire bugs the hell out of me!!!

Another inner courtyard, 
and I thought that tree looked very pretty there.

The Pink House
ever a favorite of mine.

forlorn but looking like an enchanted castle right now, 
and hardly anyone paying it any attention but me...

As you can see, 
trees were heavy with snow. 
What do you think happened before I got home?!?... 
I tell you, 
the only affront I didn't experience today 
was a bird crapping all over me. 
They'll get their chance tomorrow!!


  1. Y'en aura pas de faciles!!

    Être à la chasse (d'images, mais bon...) implique toujours des risques. Derrière chaque photo, il y a presque toujours un moment épique à raconter. Mais la passion est plus forte que tous les dangers! ;¬D

  2. Apparemment puisque je m'y suis remis aujourd'hui,
    comme tu as pu constater...


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