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This week on Sepia Saturday
Alan's prompt picture shows a girl making cardboard boxes. 
I have no such things in my family pics, 
but Alan made several suggestions in regards to this prompt photo: 
That struck a chord with me. 
I'll take you some place, 
but I first need to introduce you to someone from our local history here in Montreal... 
Follow me!! 

Doesn't he look great!?! 
Can I find them or what!?! 
Please meet 
he started life as a soldier fresh out of the military school 
and embraced failure after joining with the Emperor Maximillian of Mexico... 
who ended up being executed!! 
Whatever was the big idea in joining this cause, 
I have no clue myself. 
But he did eventually end up in New Orleans (1868) 
to work over time for several American newspapers. 
You can read a short article about his American experience 
and how the man evolved during that time.
By 1878, 
he returned to Montreal and founded "La Patrie", 
reflecting his liberal and freemason opinions. 
His opinions did not endear him with federal politicians of any parties, 
but municipal politics worked out well for him, 
as he was elected twice mayor of Montreal (1885-1887). 
The newspaper flourished and made his fortune, 
and because his health caused him some concerns, 
he withdrew from politics [if not political and social ideals], 
to pursue other endeavors, 
traveling the world and writing. 
He produced many papers in regard to his traveling 
and wrote as well many stories about our folklore, 
When he died, 
his anticlerical views  caused him to be buried in the Jewish cemetery... 
But his ideals of personal and social freedom remain pertinent to this day, 
in contrast to the conservatism of his era.

La Patrie Building
depicted here in about 1906-07., Montreal, 
this was the third building to house the newspapers since its beginning in 1879. 
It still bears the mark above its entrance. 
The building was apparently sold in 2007 for over $4 millions to the church of Scientology... 
Where are they now?!? 

I've seen contradicting info on the web, 
while some claim it stopped publishing in the late '50s, 
others state it was in the late '60s. 
I don't know if I could be consider a reliable source[...], 
but I seem to remember my mom sending me to the convenience store 
to pick up her usual stack of papers, 
including "La Patrie". 
There were always huge piles of newspapers laying around our home 
as both my parents were big readers... 
I prefer my news on my computer screen, 
saving the trees and keeping up-to-date in the news. 
You can see here an edition of 1913 
with the news about the Titanic's demise, 
perfect time stamp.

I took this picture in 2011, 
and it seemed obvious not much was happening in there.

But in 2012, 
the Fresh Paint Gallery opened 
to present street art and such unconventional artistic expressions 
that is often relegated as a subculture.

I remember when Zilon started in the 1980s, 
his work easily recognizable by his distinctive signature. 
He has become a legit artist, 
while still carrying on with his social critique. 
I did recently feature him in a solo exhibit HERE.

a more recent discovery for me, 
I recognize his style here and there while walking around the streets.

And my piece-de-resistance
linking to this week's theme though not sepia... 
a gorilla made out of cardboard in a caged. 
That gorilla is definitely boxed in!!! 
I unfortunately don't know who did this piece... 
I was still reeling from the "welcome" one of the managers gave us, 
yelling at us to give money to support the gallery. 
If he had shut his mouth up, 
I would have given more upon leaving, 
but now, 
he got only a minimal contribution from me. 
My friend was only tagging along for my benefit. 
So I forgot to note the name of the artist. 

you'd ask anyone who is Honoré Beaugrand 
and most would just shrug; 
others would say that 
it is the last station in the east on the green line of Montreal's subway network, 

I now send you off to 
where others will have dip into their old box of pictures, 
or maybe some thought outside the box?!? 

Legit Sepians can gather on our Facebook Group 
to exchange ideas and info. 


  1. Do you conduct walking tours of Montreal?

    That skateboard structure (sofa?) reminds me of a scorpion. I envy your ingenuity in structuring this blog post, how history morphed into street art and ended with a gorilla made of boxes, an exclamation point to this week's theme.

    1. I hope Kathy S. Morales sees this as she seemed distressed between pursuing her own things and following SS's themes. I like talking about Montreal and try squeezing in the theme, not the other way around. Even if she's not on theme, this was never required and we would delight in hearing whatever she has to say. So, I think this is a good post for making this point.

      It is always interesting to choose one location and see how it evolved through time.
      That was certainly a drastic change in this case, to have at one point housed a popular newspaper
      and now be home, in a derelict state, to a marginal art form.

      And no, I don't conduct tours...

    2. I'm here! Didn't stress to keep on theme this week. The struggle is more wanting to be congenial and pay respects at each blog vs. having the time to work on my own. A delicate balance as yet not mastered, but I have started taking my iPad to the treadmill and reading/ commenting there. Can't walk too fast though, or I'll not be able to read at the same time!

    3. If you can't have more speed, increase the incline,
      That'll give you a proper workout!!
      When you commute for work,
      you drive or being driven, or public transport.
      That'd be a profitable time to use,
      if you're NOT driving, of course...

    4. Oh yeah - incline. Where is my brain? In Sepialand before the time of reading blogs from an iPad on a treadmill in view of the tv. I enjoyed your historical journey - especially the stylish gentleman leading the way.

    5. And that man never saw a treadmill in his whole life!!
      Happy workout!!

  2. Oh my goodness gracious skate-board loveliness! I sure wish you'd post that photo on facebook, I'd love for my son-in-law who recently made his own skateboard-recliner-love-seat (?) for his fire pit outside. Maybe you've seen his on my page? As for your photos here, again how do you ever locate such masterpieces like photo number 1!

    1. I often use Google with very specific keywords, or I go to the archives of the McCord Museum, or our National Archives du Quebec. And now your question makes me realize I forgot to mark them... Oh well!!
      Too late now!! Too busy to look into this matter...

      My facebook settings would restrict him from viewing, unless I befriended him...
      I don't know him, I know YOU!! And I'm just fine with that. :)~
      But if you open that picture on my blog into another tab and copy the link,
      you can send it to him. Or better yet:


  3. Oh yes you can choose them all right - vey strokable - the fur I mean. I prefer reading the paper on one of those iPads you detest so much but at least we have the same idea ;)

    1. Frankly, I got nothing against those things themselves.
      It's the marketing I have issue with, and the frenzy over it.
      I find people gullible when they make this almost like a religion
      and a social standing when they show up with this in their hands...
      It's a machine, period, and if it gets you want you want/need,
      that's all there is to it. No need to go crazy over this.
      I got some friends who swear only by Apple and I can understand why,
      as far as technology goes. But some like to make it more than it is,
      at least, from my point of view. It's a bit like men and their car,
      they become irrational!!!!

  4. Go to the top of the class fro the magnificent cardboard gorilla.

    Remembered as the last stop on a metro line; well I suppose that is better than being forgotten altogether.

    1. That thing is enormous, almost like life size!!!
      Quite the find that day.
      Good thing I remembered it at the last minute when posting these.
      As for Honoré, yeah, he wasn't honored with a metro station in the downtown district
      where all the glam is happening, but at the east end,
      near industrial parks and such...
      How the mighty have fallen!!!

  5. Quite a distinguished looking gentleman in photo #1. No wonder he needed a cane with all that metal hanging around his neck. The FB page has really taken off. I can't keep up with all the quips of the young folk. I missed SS last Sat. so glad to be back. Very entertaining photos and narrative here this week.

    1. You know how it is, you get an official job and the Bling comes with.

  6. I've always liked the way names of metro stations become a kind of accidental poetry. And the map resembles graffiti design too. I wonder what his honor the mayor would think of modern urban art.

    1. Given the man was a free thinker and a strong supporter of free expression,
      you might be surprised!! I believe he would like some of it...

  7. It might seem like an odd choice for an avowed Sepian, but I like the colourful subway map the best of these images. I like any maps, but a piece that combines both style and the imparting of spatial information in such an effective manner will always get my vote.

    1. I totally get your point as I also enjoy them.
      I couldn't use a map from the '60s as that station didn't exist back then.
      The original circuit was much smaller but due to our demographics,
      it was most necessary to expand the network throughout the island and the north shore.
      The yellow section reaching out to the south shore was part of the original circuit.

  8. You always take us on such a fascinating journey and now I see you are adding a map so that we can find our destination at the end of the Green Line.

    1. In fact, my post here was mostly situated on the station Berri-UQAM,
      originally known as Berri de Montigny, another historical figure.
      Names have been modified over time to include the name of most of our universities.
      The Metro is definitely a good way to get around the city.

  9. The Fresh Paint Gallery looks like an interesting place, but it sounds like the manager is scaring away visitors.

    1. Quite frankly, this was my third visit, but I haven't gone back since.
      I would recommend a few sessions of "anger management" for the manager...
      He literally screamed his head off!!! I do understand the gallery functions
      with voluntary contributions but I might have felt a little more generous
      "after" viewing the exhibition than being harpooned like that while still
      in the foyer after climbing those stairs...
      He needs a PR person, most definitely!!

  10. Honoré Beaugrand is such a bloody brilliant name!He sounds a canny geezer who knew his own mind.His Style Followed Him.

    1. With a name like that, can one think of Karma/Destiny?Fate?!?...

  11. Interesting facts and all inspired by cardboard. The very suave Monsieur Beaugrand would surely be pleased to be still remembered on the front page.

    1. Surely he would, but perhaps we shouldn't mention which station was named after him...

  12. Maybe he would have appreciated being at the end of the line. The street art does look better than what I've seen around Atlanta. Atlanta's is better than Detroit though. And Bravo on the boxes.

    1. Some here are crap, but we do have some great artists, fortunately.

      I take it you liked my gorilla pic.
      Cute , eh!?!


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