Friday, March 8, 2013

WHAT a RELIEF!! (067/365 DAYS, 3.0)

A long week that now ends, 
and on the bright side, 
it was sunny, 
for a change... 

It seemed uncertain this morning 
but it improved as the hours went by. 
The sunrise  had some beautiful quality to it, 
and I hoped for the best.

Possibly inspired by yesterday's discovery, 
I seem to pay more attention to numbers surrounding me. 
This is a makeshift sign I see most mornings. 
I played with the picture 
as these are not the original colors.

By midday, 
the sun was holding fast, 
shining down on us, 
warming us up from the cold wind that still prevails. 
This weathercock is not quite the real deal 
as it remains still, 
but I like it nonetheless.

By [still sunny] late afternoon, 
I came across this flag of our local police barely hanging by one corner, 
which pretty much reflect the mood of our police force 
who is being criticized for its actions in the latest manifestations by the students, 
and their supporters.

I looked at the last rays of the sun before they faded into dusk, 
casting shadows on the roof across the street.

Despite a couple of painful episodes earlier this morning and being utterly exhausted, 
I seem to end this week better than I started it off, 
so that is a good news!! 
I also saw my accountant 
and the news aren't that great nor that bad. 
Looks like I'll be owing some money in income taxes. 
Not exactly what you want to hear, 
but it is a minimal amount. 
It is disappointing because I usually cash in some... 
which I prefer!! 
Oh well!! 
I have plans for tomorrow, 
and if all goes well, 
I should have plenty to show you, 
lots of pretty things. 
Stay tuned!! 

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