Monday, April 22, 2013

EARTH DAY, or something like that... (111/365 DAYS, 3.0)

Earth Day!! 
Yes it is today!! 
What's there to celebrate 
but the fact that we put the only planet that will support us under duress... 
Earth Day!! 
Does it really mean anything?!? 
Despite my best intentions, 
even if I recycle, 
I still consume. 
Even if I don't have a car, 
my needs require transportation... 
My tomatoes from South America don't appear just like magic at the supermarket. 
Neither does my chicken, 
nor my fish from the coast. 
So my carbon footprint is not as clean as I'd like it to be. 

I found it ironic and quite timely 
when I saw a [fake] plant in the garbage outside. 
It somehow reflects how we treat the planet. 

While Spring has yet to make a regal entrance in Montreal, 
I found some crocuses to delight you today. 
only one... 
The other pics were a mess because of the incessant [cold] wind that plagues us. 
My only hope is, 
that during the summer heat waves, 
that we'll feel an occasional breeze like this to let us breath a little... 
Is it too much to ask for?!?

I created a couple of variants, 
just for the fun of it 
and to instill a little color in your life, 
after the long winter.

Ain't I nice?!? 
(Don't answer that one!!


  1. Yes, you were incredibly nice to do that, especially for us folks that have no idea what spring feels like this year. Except, for cold, wind, grey skies, snow, rain, and more snow! I have in the past always planted at least one tree for Earth Day! But our weather just doesn't give me cause to go and plant something. By this post I'm thinking at least you're in great spirits! Right now that's darn good!

  2. Oh and on my drive home (yes my car uses E85!) I snapped a photo close to home of our so far gentle rains, and posted a plea on FB like it will help Ha! (well it can't hurt)that it stops at rain and not the 4 to 8 or whatever of snow they say will fall ..... Grrrrrrrr!

    1. We had our last snowfall like, what, a week ago?!?...
      I'm forgetting already, thankfully!!
      But always this cold [strong] wind that persists,
      which is not enough to deter us to go outside to enjoy the sun for a moment.
      Hoping you'll be spared that last snowfall.
      It'd be such a bummer!!!

      As for my spirits,
      I suspect I am one of those who are afflicted by winter blues,
      and I miss the light.
      Time for me to come out of the shadows.

  3. Crocuses have been gone from her western Oregon a while (they start blooming here in February). I was thinking today that I would like to take a trip in which I followed Spring from the southern part of the U.S. all the way into Canada. I don't think Peggy would go for it because Spring gives her allergies fits, but just thinking about what it would be like made me smile. I rejoice for you that your long winter is over. That's gotta give a person a hell of high.

    1. Yeah Snow, rub it in!!!
      February, he said...
      That is a lovely thought though, that trip...

      The main boost to my moral is seeing the sun before I find myself trapped inside at work.
      It's always a great feeling to see the sun and I love the morning lights.

    2. Winter gets me down too, though not due to the cold (it's not bad here), but the short days and the endless gray.


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