Sunday, April 7, 2013


No way I was going to waste a day indoor 
as it was ever so sunny outside, 
but it took me a while to convince myself to go. 
This last week had been hard 
and all I wanted was to stay home... 
When I left home, 
I decided for a change to go east, not west, 
into the Hochelaga neighborhood. 
Reputed a poor and tough district, 
it's being slowly gentrified over the years to attract people there. 
I did not venture far but I took a look around.

The St Vincent de Paul Church
on St Catherine street.

Maison de la Misericorde
I think this is [or was] a convent. 
Since I didn't see anyone coming in or out of there, 
I couldn't ask.... 

the year this house on Fullum street was built.

A fancy fence on Fullum street!!!

I eventually reached 
St Eusebe Church
To be honest, 
I thought the place was abandoned, 
until I saw an old guy entering. 
If I thought the exterior was in much need of repairs, 
it didn't prepare me for what I saw inside. 
The interior must have been really beautiful once upon a time 
but it now lays in ruin. 
It only reminds me too well on St Brigide which I've featured recently, 
forsaken by its church, 
and the city unwilling [yet] to do something to restore the place. 
I suspect this church will eventually go as well. 
It is our collective heritage that is going to waste...

I slowly walked back to my neighborhood, 
taking one street than another, 
enjoying the sun on my face, 
despite the persistent cold air. 
I spotted this lamp post casting its shadow on the store's window on Ontario street.

And here a roof line typical of a certain era, 
again on Ontario street.

Then I went down Montcalm street to go to the convenience store 
to pick up some cigarettes, 
and I saw this weathercock standing proud in the waning sunlight. 
It was time for me to go home, 
to feed the cats and eat something myself. 
Spending the evening on Photoshop took care of the rest of the day. 
It was fun all in all. 
They speak of rain tomorrow 
but I don't care!!!


  1. Well that's a shame that yet another beautiful building is being allowed to disintegrate. I'm glad you've capture some of it on film.

    1. It was really reminiscent of St Brigide, how services eventually stopped and how the building gradually degraded. Same here with St Eusebe. I couldn't/dare not do the interior as mass was underway, with just a handful of faithfuls present. It was odd to hear these words, bringing me back to my childhood. I didn't want to disturb them, as discreet as I may be, so, I took only a pic of the nearest stainglass window. But the walls were crumbling, those plaster moldings were falling off, it was sad, very sad; like there had been some earthquake or some vandals. I may try some other time, with my tripod, to make a record of it.


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