Sunday, May 5, 2013


What does the moon have in common with brunch?!? 
of course!!!

I was up early [as usual] and saw dawn slowly reaching the city 
as the moon was making its exit. 
A crescent moon!! 
Possibly my inspiration 
as I was meeting some friends for brunch later on this morning.

We met at Regine on Beaubien street. 
There was a line-up 
but we got there early so it was not a problem. 
Since I already had a whole coffee pot [and a half] at home, 
I ordered a glass of cider instead while others had tea... 
I also ordered "Le Chic Croissant", 
so it obviously included a croissant with scrambled eggs, old Cheddar and pulled ham, 
and a spinach sauce over it all. 
A side of fruits and beans as well. 
I disposed of the beans and kept the fruits for last. 
The croissant was nice even if the ham was a bit over cooked, 
making it a little tough and dry at times. 
A detail that annoyed me, 
and it is a detail only [but NOT for me...], 
presentation was a little sloppy to my taste. 
When you sprinkle or pour something on my dish, 
I still expect the edges of the plate to be clean. 
I had to clean it with Photoshop....

The friend next to me had the "Mish Mash". 
I also had to "clean it up a bit"... 
It looked delicious and my friend ate it all, 
so it must be a good sign. 
My two other friends seemed also happy with their selection. 
I'm not complaining about mine that much 
but since we went out of our way to go there, 
was it worth it? 
It did the job [of feeding me] but I was not that impressed either. 
It was fine!! 
Service was courteous and attentive, 
I'll give them that much, 
and the ambiance is quite convivial. 
One word of advice though, 
don't sit next to the washrooms like we were... 
Never a good place to sit as there's a continuous flow of people 
and they stand next to you while they wait... 
So if you happen to be in that neighborhood, 
sure, go ahead!! 
But only if you happen to be nearby... 
Perhaps I should sample a couple more things before making a final opinion of the place, 
and sit elsewhere... 
but since I'm never in THAT neighborhood... 

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