Sunday, May 19, 2013


I joined Flickr about a year ago. 
I thought, 
should I have any kind of problem [not that there are any] with Picasa
I'll keep my photos somewhere else too, 
for backup. 
After one year on Flickr
I was taught many lessons. 
I knew changing cameras had improved my work 
and I could do the basic stuff on Photoshop
I don't travel the world 
and only show my immediate surroundings, 
within the little time I have to indulge into photography. 
Flickr proved a great way to see things/people/places from all around the planet, 
something I greatly enjoy. 
And many are professional photographers, 
something I'm not, 
I know that much only so well. 
quite the humbling experience. 
But I'll keep doing what I do!! 
I may even be good at it one day... 
There is also the appeal factor. 
What I do attracts very little attention 
and whatever interest there may be in some of my shots, 
that interest is very short lived... 
But I'm in no way a photo-journalist or doing a documentary, 
so I don't expect to win a prize any time soon, 
nor do I wish to pretend to be something I'm not. 
(Though, some of my shots were requested to appear at one exhibit and in one documentary...)
I see myself more as a poet, 
not showing Montreal as it actually is, 
but interpreting it rather as I feel it
Exposure to other photographers that use HDR and textures was beneficial to me 
as it appeals to my artistic flair better. 
Something else I learned: 
I still don't interact well in groups. 
Most ignore me 
and the few that do visit may do it to fulfill a numbers game, 
something I'm really not into. 
I put in my "favorites" pictures I truly like; 
perhaps not always something I would have done the exact same way, 
but something in each of them appeals to me. 
I don't do favors and play a political game over there. 
I simply don't have the time to bother with such things. 
But speaking of numbers, 
I did better than I expected. 
I thought that perhaps 5% of my pictures would be found interesting, 
but I average around 30%, 
but don't forget to factor in those political games some play on Flickr
How much do they truly like what I do?!? 
I shall never know nor care really... 
But I've come across a few individuals whom I've come to like, 
for their work and their kind comments. 
And by observing what some of them do, 
I was inspired to explore further and try new things. 
My photography has changed much since I began a year ago. 
For better or for worse? 
I don't know. 
I just know that I enjoy the process. 
My only wish would be to find more time to search for more interesting topics, 
but given what I have as far as time and subjects go, 
I'm not doing too badly, 
me thinks... 
I keep thinking that when I retire, 
I'll have more time, 
but what about NOW?!? 
Maybe I need to better manage my time, 
and also give myself a good kick in the butt to go out there... 
I get lazy!! 
But I'm so tired after working all week long... 
Maybe that is where I should start, 
getting myself in better shape to find the energy to do more. 
But right now, 
a lot of my time and energy go to handling that Flickr account
thanking people, 
joining groups and abiding by their rules, 
playing nice
I did recently flush a bunch of groups that brought me nothing, 
no comments, no new people of interest. 
I'll stick with my contacts [mostly] who have proven to be a great source of inspiration, 
and in some cases, 
moral support. 
We all need to hear once in a while just how "fabulous' we are, 
or dream of being... 
There is that thing on Flickr, 
where 500 pics are featured daily, 
based on "interestingness"... 
Someone will have to explain to me how that works!! 
I've read a few things on the matter and it is still fuzzy to me. 
I've been "explored" a few times 
and all I can say is, 
"Yeah, so?!?" 
Perhaps I am a little too cynical for such things 
and I could learn to appreciate it when it happens, 
and not worry when it does not. 
All in all, 
all that matters really is that 
Here's looking at a second year on Flickr!! 
Now excuse me 
but I just got five awards on a pic of mine, 
not even the best one that day... 
and I have to go thank someone 
and go tell others of that group just how "fabulous" they all are... 
Some actually are!!!


  1. What a fabulous post! Congrats on all the awards etc. I don't do flikr but I find your photos that I see on your blog very interesting. I don't always comment, but I'm looking. Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks Kristin!!
      Much appreciated!!

  2. C'est fou tout ce qu'on peut trouver d'intéressant sur Flickr. Je pourrais y passer des heures et des heures.

    Bonne continuation.

    1. Ouin bin, je me suis peut-etre rejoui trop vite...
      Hier, en cours de journee, Flickr a tout reformatte...
      UN big mess sur Chrome, mais ca fonctionne, a date, sur Mozilla/Firefox...
      Je suis pas particulierement heureux de tous ces changements...

    2. C'est donc récent tout ça! Chus pas sûr d'aimer ça moé aussi. Je m'étais inscrit l'an dernier pour tester l'interface et j'avais ben aimé l'expérience. Surtout en ce qui concerne les "tags" et la possibilité de faire des recherches assez précises avec les caractères booléens ce que je ne suis pas parvenu avec les autres sites. Seulement, on pouvait seulement charger 200 images gratis! Et puis de toute façon, j'ai moi aussi des conflits avec le temps! ;)

    3. Tu aurais du voir le mess qu'ils ont fait ce lundi...
      Completement change une bonne partie de l'interface.
      Mais j'ai vu hier soir qu'ils avaient commence a regler certain bugs.
      Mais plusieurs sont mecontents et ils annoncent qu'ils s'en vont.
      Moi, je vais rester, mais il y a une partie de la presentation que je n'apprecie pas du tout.
      Mes photos sont assez intenses et d'etre vues toutes ensemble sans presque de blanc pour les separer,
      ca fait pizza toute garnie...


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