Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FLOWERS 4 MY PRETTY!! (134/365 DAYS, 3.0)

Happy Birthday Miss Carrie Brad'Chat!! 
Hard to believe this little furball was born four years ago already. 
We've certainly come a long way together.

I wished her happy birthday at 3 a.m. this morning 
but she seemed unfazed by the news. 
Four years old and already jaded with life... 
But when I took her picture, 
she didn't run away for a change; 
possibly still drowsy from sleep, 
much as I was, 
still waiting for my first coffee. 
I decided to make a gif image of the four versions I made of the original picture. 
One version for each year!!

And I took pictures of pretty flowers nearby, 
something she'll never get to see as both my cats are indoor cats. 
I was given a rose recently 
and she liked it well enough...

All she wants from me is for me to scratch her neck for her. 
Her needs are simple but she is quite needy. 
If someone tells me that cats are independent creatures, 
I'll let them know that "No!!", 
they're not!!! 
If Ophelia is content to just lay nearby quietly, 
watching me doing my stuff, 
Carrie on the other hand is quite vocal about her desire 
to have my un/di/vi/ded attention...

she's got a good heart 
and I'm always pleased to see her 
when she greets me at the door. 
she's the official welcoming committee around here. 
Hoping to have many more birthday 
with my pretty!! 

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