Saturday, May 18, 2013

THE BIG PLAN!! (137/365 DAYS, 3.0)

I went shopping this morning, 
at Simons
I'm so used to shopping online, 
I forgot the stores may not be open as early as I'd wish. 
I had been up all night 
and wanted to be done with this as soon as possible. 
Once I got there, 
I saw it would open only at 9:30 am. 
Waiting half-an-hour won't kill me!!

I walked around, 
looking at the morning sun shining brightly on the surrounding buildings. 
What you see above and the next two pictures is the Astral Building
or at least, 
my interpretation of it... 

The Dominion Square Building
its facade in the shade as the sun traveled behind it.

The BNP-Paribas Building
always interesting with its many angles and reflections.

I spotted this next to Les Cours Mont-Royal
Much like this figure on an urn, 
I may have seemed a tad worried 
as I have big plans for a cocktail I have to attend this week. 
It is not mandatory but it would be bad form not to show up... 
On the invitation, 
it mentions "tenue de ville", 
but I haven't worn a suit in years and have nothing of the kind in my wardrobe. 
This last decade has seen me evolve[?] into your regular Jeans-and-T-shirt kinda guy... 
If I used to enjoy a little glam in my wardrobe once upon a time
now I can't stand to fuss about such things. 
So I might as well have a little fun with this... 
If they expect me to dress perhaps like people in Westmount do, 
I'll give them a taste instead of the Gay Village
It may raise a few eyebrows, 
but what the heck!! 
It's my party too!!! 
Let's just say they'll remember me... 
I found everything I wanted 
and dug in my stash for a few vintage accessories. 
I still have to decide between 1960's cuff links and tie pin 
or a 1980's neck clasp; 
either will go well with my new black tuxedo shirt. 
I won't be wearing my usual studded belt but a regular one, 
plain with a sleek buckle, 
to go with plaid Bermudas, 
you read it right!! 
Bermudas and my army boots!!! 
Welcome to South Central Boys!! 
I bet they won't see this one coming... 
At least, 
I'm not showing up in a kilt!!! 
Told you I had a big plan!! 
I even got the bracelet of that new watch they gave me for my 25th fixed. 
It fits me now [properly]!! 
Gotta go!! 
Gotta shine those boots!! 


  1. Oh, to be a fly on the wall ... Your "Haute couture" sounds fabulous and I have no doubt you will get a rise out of the "Westmount" crew. Like you, I only have jeans and t-shirts in my closet and again like you I would have to go out to buy clothes if I were attending something that required other than that ... Unlike you, I don't have the courage to pull off what you are going to do. But, I admire your courage, your brashness ... your self confidence. Go for it Ticklebear ... I can't wait to hear how it turns out :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. I used to be quite "glam" enjoying the night life and everything else. I had a wardrobe for work, involving suits and ties; a wardrobe to go to clubs, a daytime/casual wardrobe. And I also had a fragrance wardrobe, meaning I had a fragrance for my every moods and occasions. Perry Ellis when I was feeling depressed, Escada when I was going to a meeting. Cartier when I was feeling sexy, etc...
      You can imagine the money involved here?!? Now, I wear Varvatos and slip on my jeans, period!!!
      That is now my comfort zone. But I know how to play the game they want, except, I'll play it my own way.
      Oh, if you were a fly, you couldn't laugh, (do flies laugh?!?), but you would if you were there.
      I suspect my bosses will look at me, sigh and keep their mouth shut, dismissing me from their thoughts.
      Just as well as that evening will be about me and my fellow workers who have slaved themselves for the last 25-30-35-40 years or so...

      Who knows? There may even be a picture?!?...

      PS: You speak of courage and self-confidence when actually, I can be quite shy in public...
      Yes, me, shy... get over it!!
      And I didn't intend to go in the first place, but if I do things my own way,
      I felt I might go, just to see what the big fuss is all about...


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