Sunday, June 23, 2013


As promised yesterday, 
let me show you what Lucrecia and myself have been up to: 
we visited the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see 
It looked promising right away, 
even from the museum's doorstep.

As we were taking photographing the outdoor piece, 
we caused a bit of commotion 
as people thought the exhibit could be accessed from this side, 
when actually, 
you need to go to the Desmarais Pavilion across the street to get your ticket 
and use the underground tunnel... 
People are so easily confused!!

This piece was getting quite the shower that day...

As you climb the stairs inside, 
you are welcomed by a serene piece made of glass and drift wood. 
I found this collection very graceful and seductive 
as the glass emerges from the shadows in a convoluted dance toward the light, 
drawing you in... 
You'll note that cameras are allowed, 
no flash though, 
complicating the matter somewhat... 
but it was so much fun!!


blue being my favorite color, 
I was immediately drawn to these.


You then enter a room with a suspended see-through ceiling filled to capacity with various pieces...

...and the light coming through these cast the loveliest shadows on the walls, 
an almost mystique effect.


The next room presents suspended pieces in various shades.

My fave, 


In the following room, 
it is as if you were in deep sea [at least, to me!!
and visited some enigmatic coral reef 
like you've never seen before.

The next room has two embarkations filled to capacity 
and floating on an sea of black mirror.

If you don't know what to get me for my next birthday, 
that big blue ball on the left would do just fine...

Before crossing over to the last room, 
this set-up was quite intriguing. 
Neither of us had rented one of those phones for the guided tour 
because we needed both hands on our camera, 
but this made us debate about its meaning, 
and we sure came up with different explanations... 

That last room is like a treasure hunt 
with jewels on display. 
These looked like some huge seashells revealing such beauty at their heart under the light.

another of my favorites!!

If you're wondering at the absence of the human presence in my pictures, 
don't be fooled!! 
we didn't get a private tour. 
It's just the way I take my pictures, 
removing the human element as to not distract you from the main subject, 
but be warned: 
definitely a successful exhibit!! 
This said, 
my friend and I came out of there smiling, 
most satisfied with our visit. 
It was very uplifting, 
even on such a grey and rainy day... 
It was exactly what we needed to uplift our spirit!! 
I strongly recommend that you go visit this exhibit asap... 
It is truly remarkable!!  
(Until October 20th 2013)  
You've seen here my vision of it. 
Go experience it for yourselves!!


  1. What a stunning exhibit, and your photographs have certainly brought out the colour and innovative form. It's always a bonus when they allow one to take photographs, although that rarely happens at exhibitions here. Mostly cameras are strictly forbidden.

    1. I was most delighted with my visit but I'll admit it was further enhanced because I got see it through my camera lens. I don't understand that restriction about cameras since nowadays, what with social medias, it is the best publicity one can get, for free!! I understand the principles of intellectual property, and that is why I do not publish everything, (you see here only 40 out of 204 pictures) and I don't feature whole pieces in general, preferring to focus on details personally, leaving room for others to enjoy their own experience. Maybe people will understand this one day... In the meantime, we still have to contend with those mentalities that want to constantly restrict us...
      Oh well!!!

  2. I love glass art. Every time I see a beautiful bowl or vase or unusual colorful chandelier, I want it. Then I realize I would just die if some unruly visitor broke it. I don't live the kind of life in which I can display such a piece like a museum. So I'll enjoy your photos instead.

    1. I feel the same way!!!
      But one thing that changed for me and living with cats is,
      candles!! I used to have a lot, now I have only a few battery-operated ones.
      That's the kind of choice you make when you decide to bring in cats in your home...
      But most of my glass/crystal/porcelain stuff has survived, so far!!
      Can't say the same about my red sofa, or the new leather one,
      for that matter...

  3. OMG! I would be in heaven there! and to be permitted to take photos?!
    What a great job you have done here Bruno! I would have a very difficult time finding a favourite!
    Maybe a trip up to Montreal would be a good idea.....

    1. Yeah, I expect if you could,
      you'd buy the whole lot!!!
      they do have some pieces for sale,
      if you come to Montreal...

  4. BK ~~~ Jim told me about this beautiful glass exhibit. I can't believe my eyes, the colours are stunning and so vivid. You have showcased them beautifully!

    Ron ~~ Sophie's minion!

    1. Well hello, you minion!!!
      Thanks for dropping by!!
      He is a reputable artist
      and this is my blog,
      so obviously,
      I had to put my best foot forward.
      It was really fun to photograph,
      and amazing to see.
      Should you happen to be in Montreal within the next few months,
      this is a must-see!!


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