Monday, July 29, 2013

A LITTLE of EVERYTHING (209/365 DAYS, 3.0)

The sun barely made it through the clouds to signal its presence at sunrise, 
but it soon returned for an encore that lasted a good part of the day, 
except when we had sudden showers. 
I got a taste of that when I finally came home...

Watching the morning traffic on the bridge, 
I imagined those poor souls dragging their collective asses to a job in the city 
when I suppose they would rather stay home, 
especially on a Monday... 
My Monday didn't feel like one, 
for a change... 
But tomorrow will feel like a Monday 
because I got a preview of what to expect... 
Oh boy!!!

Pretty flowers, 
basking in the sunlight and dancing with the wind, 
done here to appear like a ghostly apparition of Summers past, 
like "the mood that passes through you". 
Let's see if anyone will recognize from which movie 
this quote comes from... 

As I was admiring these flowers, 
out came this house cat making a break for it, 
just happy chasing flies 
and likely looking for its friends. 
I had done a black-and-white version of this, 
but then, 
as usual
I had to reinstate some colors... 
Can't help myself!! 

But that's not the only visitor I had. 
There were plenty of bees buzzing around. 
Always a good sign to see these. 
A beautiful Summer day all around!! 

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