Sunday, July 7, 2013

CITÉ HISTORIA & CLASS of '84 (187/365 DAYS, 3.0)

I had such a great day today!! 
I went to my College Reunion to meet up with those I graduated with, 
thirty years ago... 
You might think this was a long time ago, 
and you'd be right, 
but I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone looking good; 
not in a vain way but in a wholesome way. 
I didn't get to see absolutely each and everyone one 
but I was amazed at the journey of those I spoke to. 
Some remained in the field, 
some didn't (like me...) 
and we swapped stories about what got us to the point we are at the moment. 
It was fun!! 
Another funny thing: 
Some didn't recognized me.  
I wonder why... 
We met today at 
a museum about the old mill and the village of Sault-au-Recollet
situated in what is now known as 
a splendid location 
and our group lunched on the terrace of their bistro. 
I believe everyone had a good time and was glad to reconnect with old friends. 
Some even came from afar to be there!!

I didn't bother taking pictures [for a change] as I figured 
I'd soon find plenty on Facebook
but I did take just a few of our immediate surroundings. 
I'll visit the museum a next time and tour the island in its entirety 
as I  went only halfway today, 
because it started to rain... 
but we were spared that during the lunch, 
most fortunately!!

I have no idea what this bird is, 
and I wasn't the only one, 
but it seemed to be brooding under these branches by the water. 
Maybe we were too noisy 
and it was only hoping we'd leave soon. 
Which we did eventually!! 
I'm glad I went as I was reminded what a fine/fun bunch of people we were, 
and reconnecting with them was easy, 
as if we'd never left... 


  1. Ton petit oiseau semble être un "Black-crowned Night Heron". J'en avais photographié un en Floride sur la Hillsborough River:

    Je suis très heureuse de lire que cette réunion fut des plus agréables! Tant mieux! Ça doit être plaisant de renouer avec des gens qui nous furent sympathiques dans le passé.

    L'Ile de la Visitation est un endroit que je connais très bien pour y être allé avec mes parents. Nous y pique-niquions souvent. C'est agréable de pouvoir retrouver de tels endroits de verdure et de "campagne" en pleine ville! ;¬)

    1. J'y etais deja alle, mais il y a bien longtemps de cela.
      J'y retournerais avec plaisir.
      Il y a trop peu de ces endroits dont il faut profiter pendant
      qu'on en a encore...

      Un bihoreau gris, tu dis?!? Peut-etre...

      Pour que j'aie conserver mon livre des finissants toutes ces annees,
      c'est que j'ai du conserver un excellent souvenir de ces gens.
      Les retrouver ainsi 30 ans plus tard, priceless!!

  2. Reunions could go either way, but am glad this one went well for you, Bruno. You must have had a close-knit group if you all just picked up where you left off...after 30 years!
    Great photos....LOVED the walled doorway looking through to another wall!! Amazing shot!

    1. I'm always awkward in social settings,
      the larger the group, the worse it is...
      but this felt right!!
      I'd never go to my High School reunion,
      but college, anytime!!
      Yeah, it was a great group
      and I was very happy to see them all again like that.


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