Monday, August 26, 2013

A MILD CASE of CRAZINESS (236/365 DAYS, 3.0)

I could have slept, 
couldn't I?!? 
Even if I went to bed near 1 a.m., 
by 4 a.m., 
my eldest cat, 
Miss Carrie Brad'Chat offered me her first recital of the day, 
though I was treated to a few rehearsals between 1 and 4.... 
Later on, 
 the landscaper and his team showed up to to mow the lawn 
and trim whatever needed trimming, 
with every electrical noisy devices you can imagine. 
Add to this the new neighbor with his drill and hammer, 
and who keeps on slamming the door shut. 
The only thing missing was the pianist upstairs!!!

All events have been [slightly] exaggerated for dramatic purpose. 
When Carrie sings, 
I answer her by making weird noises. 
I'm sure the neighbors are thrilled to hear us, 
at 4 a.m. ... 
The landscaper went away once it started to rain. 
And the neighbor? 
Not that bad so far. 
He does what one needs to do when moving into a new place, 
that's all!! 
We've all been there. 
But all of this inspired me to do a selfie (self-portrait) of me going nuts!! 
You have two pictures here overlaid over one another, 
one where I throw my head back, 
the other with my head going downward, 
my hands clasping it on each side. 
A bunch of effects and textures, 
and voila!! 
Instant Craziness!!
No need to send in the doctor. 
I am feeling quite calm... 
even though I think I can hear the pianist now. 
Let's hope he doesn't play that piece that annoyed me so much yesterday... 
Maybe he got it right by now?!?

But I was willing to push the concept further. 
I went to the convenience store downstairs 
and stopped by to check if I had any mail. 
which is good, 
but I took a picture of that mail box 
to merge it with my selfie. 
Does this mail box make me look crazy?!? 
You decide!! 

Now excuse while I go watch what's happening to my dinner. 
Wouldn't want it to burn now, would I?!? 
I do have a thing for firemen, 
but I prefer them off duty... 

Shortly after writing this, 
there was a knock on my door: 
A cop advised me that two of my neighbors were robbed in their respective apartment today... 
maybe all of that door slamming wasn't quite due to my neighbor, 
do you think?!? 


  1. Let's try that again : A self-portrait of someone going mad taken through a letter box. Oh what an esoteric world we bloggers inhabit - but isn't it a fascinating world?

    1. Indeed it is, given half a chance!!


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