Monday, September 23, 2013


I did a few selfies for a Flickr challenge 
and taking those always bring their own dose of introspection 
as one pours over details about oneself. 
One can't avoid noticing the damages the years have left 
but also the possible wisdom seen through the eyes and acquired through those years. 
I have my own view of myself and of the world surrounding me. 
I've always felt like I was walking only on the fringes of society, 
never in its center, 
never truly belonging...

Which brings this first concept, 
"Peel here!!"
and my therapist from a long time ago would tell you that even if you did, 
you'd only find another layer upon another, and another, und so forth... 
Complexities of the human mind are endless 
and I am no exception. 
Between the rational and waves of emotions, 
I [barely] keep afloat to face Life's challenges.

One of those layers would certainly include my cynicism... 
and we have certain issues in our society that are open for debate right now. 
Seems like there is a clash of ideas about religious matters 
and while some aim to be politically correct about it, 
I [personally] don't give a damn about that PC bullshit... 
While some groups are a very vocal minority right now, 
make no mistake!! 
They will not remain a minority for long 
and find enough political clout to reshape things in this part of the world. 
Some have already tried and failed so far, 
but in two to three generations, 
I believe, 
without making a Cassandra out of myself, 
that it will no longer be the case, 
and they will be able to install a parallel judiciary system based on religion, 
and in a century or so, 
that it will be the only system
Wouldn't surprise me if we became here the Quebeckistan... 
Does this make me a bigot to try to maintain what we have here? 
In the eyes of some, 
But I've always felt we had a decent society here 
and I've seen it evolve for over half a century now, 
and its future concerns me. 
While some come here for a better life, 
it doesn't seem to be the case for everyone 
as some wish to replicate what they supposedly left behind... 
Given that most come from countries where bloodshed and unrest are common practice, 
it is hardly something one would wish for here. 
We may have clashes of ideas right now, 
but it may eventually become more serious and harmful 
as it is clear that many find themselves out of their comfort zone. 
I personally believe that matters of belief are a matter of the heart, 
and should be kept there. 
As a personal path, 
they may be a guidance in one's own life; 
but as a mass phenomenon, 
it never brings any good. 
Christianity has proven it for near 2000 years, 
Islam has its own sins, 
the blood of many on its hands... 
There will be a war for power and domination 
but by the time it happens, 
I think I'll be long gone, 
mere ashes drifting in the wind... 
but even those standing on the fringes, 
thinking this will not affect them, 
will find out the hard way that they are wrong. 
The shape of things to come will call for a drastic change 
and not everyone is ready for that. 

On a less serious note, 
back to my selfies, 
can anyone explain to me why my goatee is turning white ONLY on ONE side?!? 
Yeah, that still annoys me!! 

It's Monday, 
the middle of the night, 
back to work in 3 hours 
and I think I'll go do my laundry. 
Some things never change!! 


  1. You look fierce! ;)

    I can't say I "worry" about the furure, I just gave up. I still stay true to my opinions even if they might earn me the label of bigot. I live through it all by saying that no one gets out of here alive anyways.

    My beard is turning white but the mustache is still black. Go figure!!!


    1. Thanks!!
      Gotta go with the look we got!!

      As for the rest,
      que sera sera!!


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