Monday, September 30, 2013

THE NEW NORMAL (271/365 DAYS, 3.0)

Is this how it's going to be?!? 
A shitty Monday (I stayed home...) 
following a shitty weekend, 
following a shitty week 
in what has been a less than a desirable year... 
Situations keep on piling up 
and I just don't know how much I can handle anymore. 
When does it ever get simple[r]?!?... 
I'm exhausted!! 
And trying to rest today is a challenge. 
Some heavy machinery across the street made such noise; 
here it was the lawnmowers outside, 
and they are now drilling above my head in some other apartment. 
Maybe I should have sent someone a memo that I was taking a sick day, 
not that it would have made the least bit of difference. 
No matter what, 
I'll go to work tomorrow, 
though I dare not imagine the workload. 
It already promised last Friday to be a big day today. 
Add another one to that now!! 
Oh well...

My only consolation came from my cats today. 
They are quiet and cuddly. 
Ophelia o'Chum didn't want to play along when I took the camera out, 
but Miss Carrie Brad'Chat allowed me one picture, 
only one!!! 
They are obviously unaware of what's going on and what the consequences might be for all of us here. 
Lucky them!!! 
I wish I could be this carefree!! 

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