Sunday, October 6, 2013

BEAUTY & the BEAST... (278/365 DAYS, 3.0)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!

This sunrise was captured Sunday morning. 
A fine moment that compensated largely for the greyness of the rest of the day. 
At least as far as I'm concerned...

Let me take you back to last Friday: 
I was enjoying what was a fine mild Autumn day 
and was taken by the view of the Viger Square from where I was standing. 
I decided to take a few pictures of that scene to catch its essence, 
just minding my own business... 
Do you see something wrong in this picture?!? 
Look more closely!!

I didn't notice it while looking at the park, 
nor on the screen of my camera, 
but a man was lurking behind a tree. 
It became clear only when I downloaded my pics on the computer. 
I enlarged the man and saw he was giving me the finger. 
Surely at this distance, 
he didn't think it was about him
I guess he is so self-involved that he is impervious to the beauty surrounding him 
and that everything revolves around him... 
That imbecile definitely has anti-social/mental issues. 
I showed more class than he did and blurred his features here, 
but I would recognize him anywhere now... 
Photographic memory
Perhaps now some of you will understand why I do NOT photograph people on purpose, 
except at events where folks expect to be seen/photographed. 
I don't need to deal with this bullshit attitude. 
I'll stick to architecture and nature!! 

But unaware as I was at the time, 
I went on to take more pictures. 

The delicate shape, 
the lush colours, 
and the soft light captured, 
who wouldn't enjoy this sight?!?

I pushed it further into a near esoteric vision. 
I'll stay with that feeling 
and dismiss any thought of the beast lurking in the shadows... 
Have a good day!! 


  1. Look at that colour in the Square! Beautiful!
    What's up with these guys that think it is always about them? This exact thing happened to me this past week down at the beach/boardwalk.......a cyclist was riding by on the highway and it was a perfect foreground to a great background. I was really far from him and started snapping away. I got home and took a look....much to my surprise I was getting the finger from him!! Nothing like ruining a great shot!! Oh the egos of some people.

    1. I have a mind to print his face and tape those on poles around the park...
      He must be a regular fixture in the neighborhood.
      That'd teach him.
      If it bugged him so much, why didn't he just hide behind the tree?
      There's no figuring out what goes on in people's head...
      I'll stick to my kitties.
      They don't give me the finger, ever!!!


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