Saturday, October 26, 2013

BEST SEAT in the HOUSE!! (299/365 DAYS, 3.0)

A week ago, 
I was having dinner at a friend's place 
and I stepped out on the balcony, 
for a smoke... 
and to take a few shots of Montreal's skyline 
and a few recognizable landmarks. 
As is my habit, 
I focused on details, 
and I went for some ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) shots. 
And you'll see for each picture I've decided to publish here today, 
that I've edited them into something completely unrelated... 
even if the original was already hardly recognizable!!!

"Place Ville-Marie, Montreal (ICM)"
a massive complex of towers, 
the main one in a cruciform with a large beacon atop, 
I decided to remove that large source of light that illuminates the sky above us 
and went for the minor sources of light/reflection. 
The slight vibration I applied on the camera while zooming on the building 
gave a desirable effect. 
Makes me think of something I might see under the microscope...

"Drunken Stupor at Tiffany's"
What I imagine a drunk man might have seen if he had entered Tiffany's workshop...

"McGILL Tower, Montreal (ICM)"
One of the most colourful landmarks, 
the McGILL Tower sure draws a lot of our attention 
with its pyramidal top. 
I've blocked out any other detail and only kept the pyramid in all of its shining glory.

"Stargate 2 Queerdom"
You can tell I love scifi as I often reference to that in my titles.  
And the pink is generally considered something often referring to everything gay... 
While I generally consider the use of pink to refer to us a bit pejorative 
and that you would be hard put to see me wearing anything pink 
since it is not in my color palette... 
The mere fact that I mention "color palette" makes it VERY gay 
'cause no straight guy would ever talk about his color palette, 
something he'd never heard of, 
unless he overheard his wife/girlfriend speak about it with her girlfriends. 
I give up!! 
Pink Power!!

"Illuminated Cross Atop Mount-Royal, Montreal (ICM)"
One of our best known landmarks is of course the big lighted cross 
atop the Mount-Royal which looms above the downtown district, 
a testament to our Christian heritage...

"Faith in Crisis"
And I had to turn it into something else, 
indeed a crisis 
since religion has become less prevalent in our daily life in many cases, 
but there are always those who will defend the "old ways"... 
And they are now confronted with a new reality 
as immigrants bring with them other notions 
that [can] conflict with our culture/beliefs/etc... 
The medias love this. 
Not sure I do!! 
Can't we just all get along?!? 

I'm done shaking my world, 
before you all get dizzy on my account. 
Go rest your eyes.
Have a good day!! 


  1. Wouh!! J'adore les effets! J'aime beaucoup ta lampe Tiffany et la dernière photo! ;¬)

    1. Merci Luce de ta visite!!
      On se reprend bientot j'espere pour le Musee...

  2. Gay people and artists talk about color palette! Gasp! Does this mean you're an artist. Oh well, it's OK, some of my best friends are artists...

    1. Thanks for not being too judgmental about it...


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