Sunday, October 13, 2013

HI MOM!! (285/365 DAYS, 3.0)

T'was a fine day to visit the dead yesterday, 
so I went to see my mom. 

"An Afternoon at the Cemetery"
I had meant to go last month but couldn't, 
so I told myself yesterday: 
"Today is the day!!" 
The afternoon light was peeking through the branches 
as I was searching for her. 
Fallen leaves complicated the matter a bit. 
I was in the right spot but disturbed a few neighbors by moving these leaves off their plaques 
to check the names out..

"Remembering My Dead Mother"
Here she was!! 
"There, a fresh rose for you!!
My mom had been much on my mind lately as I asked her for inspiration in my time of trouble. 
Not her opinion because we rarely saw eye-to-eye while she lived, 
and also because she obviously can't talk to me, 
can she?!? 
Worked out fine in the end. 
As far as I can remember, 
my mother and I have always argued. 
She was often judgmental and always criticizing 
and I must admit I gave her plenty of reasons to [I guess...], 
but deep down, 
I somehow knew she cared. 
She couldn't protect me like a mother should, 
but she had her own set of problems. 
That I understood eventually... 
Some forgiveness found its way in my heart toward her.

"Late Bloomer"
When my parents purchased their lot in the 1980s, 
my mom wanted to be surrounded by flowers, 
so she ended up in the rose garden as she wished. 
When I looked around though, 
there was hardly a rose to be seen 
as the bushes looked like they had been cut down with a chainsaw 
instead of being pruned delicately... 
But I did find a couple of late bloomers!!

This one stood alone, 
much like my mom... 
I did some Photoshop to evoke this solitude. 
I dare not imagine what it was like for her. 
I remember an advice she once gave me: 
"Better alone by yourself than lonely with someone else!!" 
Right she was!! 
Except I didn't stick with it 'till the end like she did... 
Those who know me [and my family history...] will wonder: 
"Is HE dead?!?"

"Not Yet!!"
He has yet to meet His Maker...



This said, 
I came back on foot part of the way to enjoy this fine weather, 
leaving Ville St-Laurent behind and reaching Little Italy
taking a few pictures along the way. 
You'll see these in the coming days. 
I do have something silly planned for Monday. 
I felt quiet yesterday, 
a twinge of sadness mixed in with a dose of resignation 
as some things can never be mended. 
One cannot change the past. 
But my spirits somewhat lifted, 
which probably explains why I did see the beauty [and horrors] of the city. 
I hope you'll come back to see them... 

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