Monday, October 14, 2013

LET's HAVE SOME FUN!! (286/365 DAYS, 3.0)

I told you earlier this weekend that I'd have something fun to share with you today. 
Come on!! 
It's Monday but a day off due to Thanksgiving, 
it's raining outside but I care not. 
I got enough pictures to last me 'till Thursday [not included]. 
This post is all about a single picture, 
but re-invented many times. 
I don't know if you'll like any of this, 
but I sure enjoyed making these.

"Distorted Reflection Off the Highway"
It may seem banal as an idea, 
but as I walked along the highway last Saturday, 
I noticed how the lamp posts reflected on a building facing the highway. 
Taking a few steps back and forth to find my favorite view, 
I took a few shots and this here is my ultimate favorite. 
With Photoshop I tweaked it a bit, 
getting perfect vertical and horizontal lines for the windows and the lines in the concrete. 
A little HDR [among other things], 
a texture and a few more adjustment, 
and voila!!

"Alien Lamp Posts' Invasion"
I turned this in a spooky scene with another texture and many effects, 
aside from mirroring the scene. 
Just imagine aliens pretending to be lamp posts and invading our planet overnight... 
I can smell an Oscar with this one!!

I created this medallion and laid it over the original picture, 
applied two textures, 
one over the whole thing, 
the other only over the lower two-thirds of the whole picture to give it a surreal aspect, 
almost a dreamy sequence, 
hence the name, 
"Dog's Wet Dream"
because who else loves lamp posts that much but dogs?!?... 

"Urban Abstract"
Liking this medallion so much, 
I pushed the idea further by spherizing it and twirling its center only to multiply it 
to create a wall of nine spheres, 
over which a created a big sphere. 
And let's not forget the halftoned circles I set on the original medallion. 
When it's all done, 
it has a bit of a dizzying effect to it.

"Urban Madness"
I was happy with the previous creation, 
until I started thinking: 
"What if I took that last image and multiplied it?
You see where I'm going with that, 
don't you!?! 
I could go on, and on, and on... 
But since I reduce my images after such multiplications, 
it would eventually lose some of its effectiveness, 
and after all of this hard work, 
what would be the point of reaching that limit? 
So I stopped there. 
If you are curious, 
you can right-click and open in a new tab to see it "FULL SIZE". 
Brace yourselves!! 
It is 4167X4167 pixels. 

"Karmic Mutation"
Another sphere, 
another world entirely!! 
The proof that one can change the nature of one thing to make it into another. 
I had great fun doing these 
and I hope they may help you trying to see things [somewhat] differently. 
Have a great Monday [off in some cases]!! 
My pics for the coming days are already done and of a different nature altogether. 
Join me again if you wish!!


  1. I think you have a new career as a fabric or wallpaper designer. I'll never look at lamp posts in the same way again.

    1. And I was sober!! Just in case you where thinking that...
      The oddest thing can inspire me sometimes!!

  2. The thought never crossed my mind!


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