Thursday, October 10, 2013

OH HAPPY DAY!! (282/365 DAYS, 3.0)

Yesterday the sun shone especially bright for me 
even if I didn't know it yet. 
It was a little crazy but I pulled through!!

"Cryptic Triptych".
It started right with taking a couple of pics before getting to work. 
Here you see a round balcony and a lamp post in a mirrored view.


"Morning Shudders of a Single Leaf".
And here you have a lonely little leaf on a trunk fluttering in the cold early morning breeze 
while another lamp post shone down on it.  
Playing with the shutter speed and ISO, 
it gave me different versions and I prefer this one 
because it almost looks like full on daylight, 
which wasn't the case in reality, 
as I walked on to work in the relative darkness...

"1970's Color Palette".
I began my daily routine in a rush because I had very little time to do whatever I had to do. 
I was scheduled to go to a [boring] 4-hours meeting... 
If the meeting proved irrelevant to my situation [for now], 
my going did bring me this vision of dazzling colors. 
What a lovely window treatment. 
It kind of reminds me of my parents' kitchen in the 1970's, 
all in orange and brown with some red and yellow. 
Enough to make you puke, 
but who am I to judge, 
since I'm the teenager whose bedroom back then was in black, purple and turquoise?... 

"MidAfternoon Shadows".
After work as I walked home, 
I noticed the dancing shadows on those stairs and loved it. 
Of course, 
I did a little editing on it...

"Scratching Beneath the Surface"
A fence all covered in ivy, 
offering a multitude of colors as the sunlight  softly bathed it in a last embrace 
before this day came to a close. 
Again a mirror effect here plus texture to add some drama. 
I love fall!!


But that day proved even better than that!! 
During the reunion, 
my phone rang... 
Imagine my embarrassment!!! 
So I quickly shut it off and forgot about it all. 
I listened to the message this morning: 
I won, by default, but I won!! 
Not going to battle!! 
The other party has withdrawn from the case. 
If I was nervous about it and this plagued me for the last few weeks 
with heart burns and all... 
I was nonetheless prepared to give a stellar performance for the judge's benefit. 
I was SO prepared, 
I had accumulated tons of information to document my case 
and rehearsed it in my head. 
But from the beginning, 
I imagined winning my case!! 
And I did!! 
With less hassle than expected... 
I can now go on with my daily routine 
and file all of this away, 
for good this time!! 
I can also stash away the bottle of Gaviscon...
Oh Happy Day!! 

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