Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WHAT ARE YOU HIDING? (303/365 DAYS, 3.0)

How good are you at telling the truth? 
Or should I say, 
would you deserve an Oscar for your performance you give daily?!?

"The Mask We Wear Daily"
This is a self-portrait, 
believe it or not... 
Halloween will be tomorrow and I was thinking of those who will disguise themselves 
and wear masks of their heroes or fantasies, 
kids and adults alike. 
But what of the mask we wear daily? 
The one that helps us fit within social conventions and find acceptance; 
the one that keeps people at bay so they would never guess what's truly going on in our mind, 
or in our life. 
When someone asks you "Hey, how are you doing?", 
they don't really want to know, 
it's just the polite thing to say.... 
But I don't care much about that politically-correct bullsh%t.  
I bang my own drum!! 
Of course, 
I am as human as the next guy 
and wish for acceptance, 
but I'm just not willing to do all of those acrobatics to please people at all cost. 
With me, 
it's "what you see is what you get and love me for it" kind of deal... 
I've observed people my whole life and seen so many behavioral patterns, 
it is amazing just how creative/cunning human nature can be to adapt to its surroundings. 
The way our interactions are shaped and how it positions us within the pecking order. 
We don't always come up on top!!! 
But why play those games?!? 
Possibly because it would be anarchy otherwise...

"The Hidden Complexities of the Inner Self [Portrait]"
What if we were to reveal what we all hide deep within, 
the ugly past, 
those secret desires, 
speak the unmentionable? 
It would be scary to suddenly find ourselves confronted to all of this, 
and we would definitely see each other quite differently... 
Social conventions may have some merits after all, 
keeping most of us a bit sane, 
if not all of us... 
How does your public face compare to your private one? 
When was the last time you looked deep down inside? 
Or do you hide this even from yourself?!? 
Have you become that mask you wear, 
forgetting who you really are?!? 
Think about it... or not!!


  1. I think I'll have some fun with self portraits. Thanks for another inspiration! As for my mask, I wore one for years in my professional life. Pretending to like/respect my clients, pretending to be proud of the work my employers' did. I don't think I ever knew who I really was. I used to have these wonderful fantasies of saying exactly what I thought in business situations. Calmly and happily! I still find myself "masking" with family -- pretending to like them, biting my tongue. But I find I do that less and less. Maybe I should put on a mask with my own face on it and then live out my fantasy.

    1. While I did commit a few occasional faux-pas,
      you'd be amazed what I got away with simply because I was very polite
      while still saying what I thought, professionally and personally.
      I grew up with liars so truth became essential in my life.


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