Sunday, November 10, 2013

AMEN 2 THAT!! (314/365 DAYS, 3.0)

Since it is Sunday, 
let's go to church, 
or something like that...

"Temple of Doom"
Here you have two view of the same steeple that I have overlaid and mirrored. 
It is St Jacques Church, 
now an empty shell integrated into the campus of a local university. 
Read more about its destiny here.

"The Complicated Matter of Faith [or Lack There Of]"
Creating this one, 
I mulled over the fact that Christianity claims to be the religion of the one true God... 
but much like older religions and current ones, 
it has a main character 
which you find again in a triumvirate 
of the father, the son and the holy ghost... 
And then you have the whole family of saints and angels, etc... 
For something claiming to be monotheistic, 
I find there's a whole lot of people involved here. 
And beyond the churches, 
you have statues and relics and symbols, 
which to me brings it all one step closer to idolatry. 
I don't see how it is any different from Hinduism 
or the divinities revered by the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, the Norse or the Druids. 
Some people find comfort and solace wherever they can. 
It's not for me though. 
I lead my life according to a certain ethic 
that comprises justice, freedom, respect and compassion.

"The Last Talisman"
Is this something bound to disappear, 
meant to be found only in the pages of History 
and in the mind of a few die hard Christians? 
Who knows?!? 
It is after all the longest surviving empire Man has ever created... 
Will its new leader bring it into the 21rst century 
or will it remain a relic of the Dark Ages? 
This said, 
I had fun creating these pictures. 


  1. Such a complex, confused and confusing, and emotionally charged issue. I like YOUR visual version of "church" best.

    1. Indeed Mitchell, it can be.
      But that is one issue that was solved [definitely] by the time I entered adulthood.
      I was raised catholic by my mom and it never stuck.
      And then followed my father to baptist church, and that didn't work either.
      I saw behaviors that appalled me and if that's what being christian is all about, not for me.
      They feel self-righteous, pretentiously above the rest but what they do totally contradicts the principles
      they pretend to uphold by being mean, judgmental and conniving...
      Sure, one shouldn't generalize but I saw enough occurrences to think
      there is a trend here. I don't like hypocrisy... I've met some great people in my life
      and I don't think they were great because of their faith, christian or otherwise,
      but simply because they were great themselves. Intelligent yet self-effacing, generous and kind
      but not flashy about it, etc... which contrasts greatly with those who professed their faith a little too loudly to my taste,
      but showed poor ethics...
      I'll stay the way I am and just do the best I can!!
      To each his own!!


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