Sunday, November 17, 2013

INNER SANCTUM (321/365 DAYS, 3.0)

If I showed you yesterday the exterior of the St Peter Apostle Church 
and what it inspired me, 
We are going inside today!!

An ogival stained-glass window above the entrance became the basis 
on which I worked to create this rose window. 
Either style would work well within the neo-gothic architecture of this church.

"St Francois Xavier"
There is a large selection of stained-glass windows 
and I took many pictures. 
I feature this one, 
because it is Movember 
and Francois sure had nice facial hair here. 
Is it a sin to lust after a saint?!? 

"Imaginary Friends"
I created another version of this rose window 
to which I've added a few of the many characters adorning those stained-glass windows throughout the church. 
We would all like to have "friends in high places
but surely we'd like to have some real friends with true influence to make things better for us, 
wouldn't we?!?

"Religious Delirium"
A blending of all these pictures I took to create an eerie vision. 
From my experience with patients afflicted by religious delirium, 
I daresay that when God speaks to you, 
it is never a good omen as it usually means he wants you to kill yourself as a sacrifice, 
or something like that... 
My advice to you: 
Don't listen to any little voice(s) in your head!! 
I think I've had enough fun for today!! 
I'm still pondering if I'll eventually publish the individual pictures of those stained-glass windows. 
I was pleasantly surprised by the good shape of this church. 
We have a large ecclesiastic heritage in the city 
but it is going to waste in many occasions. 
I've mentioned before how Holy Savior met with the wrecking ball; 
St-Brigide which was deconsecrated, 
and St-Eusebe which is in such disrepair, 
it is alarming!! 
I don't know what will happen with all of these buildings and the artwork they contain 
but their future looks somewhat bleak... 
Many Quebeckers claim to be Catholic or Christian and yet, 
these churches lay mostly empty... 
The House of God is vacant!! 
Its flocks have left the building... 

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