Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MISCHIEF (310/365 DAYS, 3.0)

I'll be reporting to you on two crimes locally committed. 

"Halloween Is Definitely Over!!
Since Halloween, 
I've been watching the slow demise of this pumpkin on someone's step in the neighborhood. 
And then, 
I found this: 
the pumpkin smashed to a pulp!! 
Was this a gesture of compassion to put it out of its misery; 
or was it done in anger? 
Perhaps someone who wasn't too happy with the candies he got at this address on Halloween; 
or is there a plot to abolish Halloween?!? 
I'm still puzzled over this one. 
And no suspect were found up to now. 
So what do you think: 
Or a new conspiracy theory?!?

"The Crime Was Signed"
Indeed it was!! 
When I went to work, 
I noticed on my way something scribbled with silver spray paint over the recently painted blue bricks. 
Since it was in the early hours and still dark, 
I tried boosting the picture and editing it to give better visibility on the crime scene
if you ask me, 
the real crime here is not the graffiti 
but that awful blue color that detracts so much from the rest of the neighborhood... 
but that may be only my own personal opinion. 
By the end of the day, 
I saw a [less than thrilled] guy busy painting over the graffiti, 
in the same awful blue paint... 
Can't believe there were some left!! 
But I'll be watching closely now 
to see if the culprit will retaliate 
and dare scribble something back again... 
Can't make sense of the signature though. 
I thought it might be "keven
and there is one active in Toronto, 
but it doesn't look anything like this. 
If anyone has any idea, 
let me know!!! 
That's all I have to report for today!! 
Thanks for watching and tune in again tomorrow!! 


  1. Well, to help tie up the loose ends of your neighborhood crimes, I'll answer one at a time. Although, like Columbo, I can't think in my coat! Oh I do miss that show, and that man! Anyway, crime number 1. I believe some selfish person smashed the last life out of poor, sad little Mr. Pumpkin that had such a short life of glory. The main crime here, was creating more of a mess, that really does soak into the concrete. YUK! Next, crime please!

  2. Oh my, I do like this photo, it's my perfect shade of blue, although on a house?? Kēlen is a constructed language created by Sylvia Sotomayor. It is an attempt to create a truly alien language by violating a key linguistic universal — namely that all human languages have verbs. ... second the urban fits a crime of passion as, see next comment

  3. Urban dictionary kellen A guy who tries hard in everything he does, once he finds his motivation. Hard worker, and doesn't give up easily. Stubborn, but in a positive way.... Can't you hear that guy now. I am keeping this BLUE!!! It clearly could be a neighbor that hates BLUE! Funny thing, when I lived in Minneapolis if you had graffiti on your house, business, etc. you had like 7 days to remove it or you were fined by the city and they would cover it up with some horrid paint. I agree that the crime was intentional, but without a team like Criminal Minds on it, the truth may never come out.

  4. Oh shucks, I think Blogger ate up my last comment. Grrr here goes again. From the urban dictionary kellen: A guy who tries hard in everything he does, once he finds his motivation. Hard worker, and doesn't give up easily. Stubborn, but in a positive way.... I can hear the owner now, I want BLUE! So clearly the crime could have been a neighbor that doesn't agree? Without a team like from Criminal Minds, we may never know the truth.

    1. Well, well, Karen, I see somebody got overly excited here!!!
      I also enjoy watching shows like CSI and Criminal Minds.
      Your story about Minneapolis intrigues me because,
      while the city objects to the presence of graffiti,
      they would cover them up with horrid paint,
      creating another eyesore.
      counter productive in my opinion...
      Strange policy on their part.
      If the situation evolves, I'll let you know!!

  5. Thanks let me know. Chance are it will remain a mystery!


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