Sunday, November 24, 2013

SUPERHEROES of the PAST? (328/365 DAYS, 3.0)

I presented to you some pictures a week ago, 
and today is a continuation on the same theme.

"The Usual Suspects"
I had told you I had photographed many stained glass windows over there. 
I removed the background and kept only the different personages in a single line-up. 
Let me introduce to you:
St Vincent de Paul, 
St Francois de Sales, 
St Louis de Gonzague, 
St Francois Xavier, 
The Virgin and the Sacred Heart, 
St Peter Apostle 
and St Rose de Lima and the Shroud of Turin.

"Inner Circle"
These would have been heroes of some kind to some people, 
regarded highly as role models. 
our superheroes are completely fictional. 
Is it that we lack proper role models in real life 
and we need to invent a new mythology to fill in the gap? 
As far as my concept goes here, 
are they looking down on us 
with compassion, 
or with condescension over our human turmoils, 
our flaws and defeats?!? 
All I can say about sainthood, 
in my own humble opinion, 
is that it seems a rather simple thing to achieve, 
given some recent decisions by the Vatican, 
some I would tend to disagree with... 
But then, 
who cares?!? 
I'm not even Christian!!! 
But I am still entitled to my opinion... 
I'll just keep making pretty pictures. 
Still is what I do best!! 


  1. All of these 'saints' were my mother's idols/superheroes. I grew up with most of them and feel I know/knew them. Funny, I never thought of it before as to why these saints were always up high and looking down at us......
    I am a Christian either but there is still something compelling about going inside a church and seeing all these characters looking at you from high above.
    Great photos Bruno.

    1. The rituals have no meaning for me but the artistic aspect of these places are of some interest to me,
      given they are part of our heritage as a society. They were meant to inspire awe.
      That part is a little lost on me... despite my parents' best efforts,
      my mom trying to raise me Catholic, my father trying to make me a Protestant when my mom failed...
      I can respect other people's beliefs, if I find they have a positive impact on their life,
      as long as they don't try to push it down my throat!!

  2. You sure Do make pretty pictures! I love these stained glass treatments!

    1. Thanks Mitchell!!
      They may not be divine inspiration,
      but they are...inspired!!!


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