Thursday, December 26, 2013

EVOLUTION of an IDEA (360/365 DAYS, 3.0)

Fortunate that I caught this sunny break on Xmas eve 
while the snow still looked fresh and these hydrangeas seemed peaceful, 
resting their head on the snow just like on a pillow.

"Winter Slumber #1" 

This is not a SOOC picture 
but this is as close as you'll get with me. 
I've done some photoshop on it, 
but I'm not telling what. 
Let's just say it is enough for me to be unable to claim this as SOOC... 
I can't remember if I've really ever posted SOOC pictures. 
Did I?!?

"Winter Slumber #2" 

I then did a black-and-white version which I liked well enough but... 
I clicked on the "fade" button and checked out the blending option 
as I had laid my B&W version on top of the original. 
I went for "hard light" and tweaked it further more to get this. 
I love how this single branch juts out of the shadow, 
casting its own graceful shadow on the snow, 
while the rest remains in the darkness.

"Winter Slumber #3" 

Of course, 
I had to try textures because  I love those. 
Picked one of my most often used, 
from Skeletalmess
resized it to fit my picture and tried it this way and that.
I am now thinking I should have partly erased the texture 
over the head of this hydrangea at the front, 
but I'll let it be for now. 
It still stands out from the rest well enough.

"When Death's Shadow Hovers About" 

I then went back to the first picture in this series, 
made it square and made a flipped version of it, 
to lay it on top of the first one. 
Further alterations mainly in the blending mode gave me this. 
Near abstract yet the subject is still recognizable. 
A battle between Life and Death!! 

"Eye of the Storm

Now going off the deep end, 
I made a copy of the previous picture which I rotated at 90 degrees, 
laid it on top of the other and started blending. 
Some diffused glow, 
total noise reduction and other f/x, 
and voila!! 
I think I've played enough with this one. 
Is there a shrink in the house to analyse this last one?!? 


  1. Well, I am not a shrink, but I see angry faces along the edges ... hmmmm. As this is a random picture, however, I can't put that anger on you. But, then who? Have you angry spirits about you? I doubt that too so it must just be a fluke. The "Eye of the Storm" however is the perfect name for it. I can see that clearly. You have become quite the photo artist, Ticklebear ... I love the progression with the Hydrangea and have enjoyed previous posts of your artwork, though I just flit through without stopping to say hello. Time seems to be escaping me these days ... Maybe now that the Holidays are almost over, I can take the time to enjoy. Hope your Holidays were good for you ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Tell me about Time!!
      Where does it go?!?
      I'm always pressed for more time...
      I used to be good at blogging and visiting,
      but now, my Flickr account seems to take up a lot of my time,
      whatever time I can find...
      As for anger, well, I do have issues...
      But the turmoil is real.
      Life is never simple,
      it would appear....
      I do love exploring photography and my city.
      Glad you're enjoying MY journey...

      Happy New Year to you Andrea!!

  2. Your first white balance was very impressive for a challenging snow photo. (I had to look up SOOC)
    But your subsequent transformations are a mix of artistic fever and winter madness. Perhaps Alice's Winter Wonderland?

    1. SOOC is what most people do, aim and shoot, then publish as is,
      Straight Out Of the Camera!!
      You as a professional musician, teach us about music and related matters/history.
      Me, as an amateur photographer, can merely offer you an introduction to photography,
      but maybe one day, you'll share my passion,
      or at least look at it differently.
      You've been quite supportive so far,
      even if we met through something that pertains more to History via photography.
      Alice's Winter Wonderland?!?
      You'll guess I've fallen down all the way into the rabbit hole,
      and enjoying it to the fullest!!!
      Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!!
      (always enjoy hearing from you)

  3. Works of art! All of them! Amazing how a 'simple' tweak will create something totally different.....not necessarily better than but off in another direction. Nice job Bruno.

    1. "Simple" he said...
      Thanks for not saying "over done"!!
      I gave here a few inputs to show the possibilities each frame can offer.
      I enjoy "ambiance" and run away with it,
      as you can tell!!
      Happy New year to you, Ron and Sophie, of course!!

  4. Super!! I love the second picture, the b&w with the golden hydrangea. The third one too, I think it looks very romantic.
    Belle job, mon Cromagnon!! ;¬)

    1. Hi "Sis"!!!...
      What a sunny break can do for me,
      it does wonders!!!
      C'est tellement gris ici, meme en ce moment ou je t'ecris....
      Doux, mais G-R-I-S!!!!
      Je voie ces hydranges a tous les jours
      mais sur fond gris... pas excitant!!
      A lors quand j'ai eu cette vision ensoleillee,
      avec cette ombre bleue....
      Je fus conquis!!!
      Le reste, ben, it's history!!!
      Merci Luce!!
      J'espere que tu te fais griller la couenne pour moi!!!
      Bonne annee Pitoune!!

  5. Explosion d'une supernova.. ça commence peut-être dans une fleur d'hydrangée! ;)

    Bonne année, grand-nez!

    p.s. Dis-moué pas que Luce est encore dans l'sud c'tannée? Chanceuse!

    1. Eh oui, elle a pris gout a m'abandonner ainsi!!
      Pour qu'on soit oblige de prendre une telle distance,
      je dois peut-etre reconsiderer changer mon anti-sudorifique...

      Bonne annee a toe itou!!

  6. Hey Bruno! Your transitions on this post have hit a chord. I've been playing with P/S a lot lately. Jim bought it for me over a year ago, I know what you are thinking and you haven't used it yet? Well I am now heavily into learning and can't leave it alone. I have used other editing sites and figured out most things that were of interest to me, but with PS I can't figure out how to place type on picture. I know it's probably so straight forward that you are rolling your eyes, but I figured you would know and I thought I'd ask. Keep in mind I'm very novice at this PS stuff so much so that I didn't even understand layers until I saw them appearing on right side of screen. Anyway, if you could give me a simple step by step I'd appreciate it. I did find the list of fonts etc but how on earth do you place on picture? layers I suspect but it just isn't working.

    1. Ron, open Photoshop, open whatever picture you want to add text to; look to the left at the tools. You'll see one that looks like a "T". Click on that and with your mouse, delineate the area where you want your script. Above the work space, you'll see where you can choose the font, size, color, etc. Once you've made your selection, make sure the cursor is flashing where you want your script and start typing.
      Et Voila!!!
      Good luck!!

      This video may help!!

    2. Thanks Bruno!
      I was almost getting the hang of it and the letters weren't showing up. I noticed some of the people's responses were similar to my problem. I will figure it out because I love a challenge.
      Once again, thanks and I should thought of Youtube....duh!


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