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A MATTER of OPINION (016/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Today's creation is about many things...

"The Wrath of God

The photograph itself is a picture of a church door which I've reinterpreted. 
I will possibly enter this in a contest on Flickr. 
So that was my sole personal intent here. 

But one may suspect I am slightly influenced by what is going here in Quebec 
since we now have a commission to debate the virtues of the separation of state and religions. 
As an atheist, 
I look at all this with some misgivings 
while discord reigns among various factions. 
The Quebecois society is considered Christian at large, 
be it Protestant or catholic, 
but this last decade or so, 
in many instances, 
some other groups have asked for special privileges, 
while demanding on the other hand that Christians remove some of their symbols, 
"to make it more welcoming for everyone", 
an attempt to be more inclusive toward those minorities... 
Looks to me like inclusiveness is a one-way street 
and always the same people need to make those concessions. 
The current debate is about employees working for the state 
that would need to shed any religious symbols while they are working. 
You can imagine the vehement objections about this now. 
While I understand the principles of freedom of religion, 
certain symbols do cause a certain discomfort for some, 
and attacking those principles can quickly become a slippery road. 
While I am forced to live among religious folks, 
I am appalled by the fanaticism of some [from any group, mind you, not one in particular]. 
I've heard comments that clearly show some people see God even in their soup!!! 
They haven't said as much, 
but you get my drift, 
don't you?!? 
A peaceful resolution to all of this seems near impossible 
and I wonder what the consequences might be in the long term. 
I wonder also what their [respective] god would think, 
if such a thing exist... 
to have its name used in vain like this. 
I don't think a god would care much how you're dressed, 
but would rather be more interested in knowing what's on your mind, 
in your heart and what words you say, 
and actions you take. 
That, to me, is true piety. 
The rest is just a masquerade, 
in my humble opinion. 
I always thought religion was a personal matter, 
the intimate path between you and your god, 
but to see this dragged out on the public place like this?!? 
Is it really necessary? 
Many feel the need to have some religion into their life, 
and that's fine. 
But when it becomes a point of contention, 
it is never good... 
Looks like it is a problem for some to stay level-headed about these matters 
to find a proper solution. 
I remain hopeful that this will be resolved peacefully, 
but the mood is rather heavy right now... 
If half a century ago, 
Quebecois had made a definitive move to separate the church and the state, 
it looks like there is still some work that need to be done... 


  1. It's such a challenging issue. You and I appear to be in synch in our thinking. But it makes me feel overwhelmed; I guess I'll just go back to looking at your beautiful photo.

    1. It may be the safest thing to do here...

  2. Of course I have heard about this debate as did all of Canada. Being pretty much from the same 'camp', as far as beliefs go, as you and I see Mitch above, I still think that people ought to be able to wear what they wish to work (in government offices etc) as long as it is not being flaunted in others' faces. Yes, separation of church and state is vital for our democracy but what is proposed by the present Quebec government is going beyond practical and not all recognizing the diverse culture that is happening in Quebec.....much to the chagrin of some people. If wearing a Buddhist ring, a Muslim head piece, or a Christian cross around your neck makes these people feel better about themselves, what is the harm.

    Just my thoughts on this issue. Have you heard Bruno whether the majority want this to pass in Quebec? Here, we hear only the objections to it.

    1. I remember being offended that a girl was banned from playing soccer because they wouldn't allow her to wear her [athletic] hijab...
      The idea of making everyone look neutral in certain positions has a certain appeal to me,
      and yet, I am uncomfortable with the clear breach on personal freedom.
      But then I am taking aback when a Muslim doctor says that God guides him through his surgeries.
      Sorry, but it is his academic years of study and training and his flair with the blade that make him a good surgeon.
      That's all I'll say about this. It just goes back to what I said when I said "people see God in their soup"...
      It verges on the fanatical, in my humble opinion. But if his belief make him feel more secure when he operates,
      fine, who am I to judge?!?

      Honestly, I don't know which side will prevail here. Some support the idea, some oppose it,
      and the government seems hell bent to pass this law...
      Frankly, I don't care either way personally as it doesn't concern me,
      but either way, this situation will be harmful and cause resentment.
      If the law comes to be, minorities will be on the uprise.
      If it doesn't, Christians will hold a grudge and who knows just how far their resentment will go.
      Trust me, there are days when I wish religions didn't exist at all,
      and that people merely lived according to a code of ethics, like I do...
      But I don't rule the world, do I?!?
      Not yet anyway...
      Religions have always made people go nuts and commit the irreparable.
      It would be a pity to see this kind of things happen here.
      But people feel compelled to show to everybody else that they hold the Truth,
      and that everyone else should abide by it.
      But if you look at the History of Mankind,
      religions have come and gone, only to be replace by others....
      Seems like some need this to be good citizens of this world.
      As I said, pity...


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