Monday, January 20, 2014

BANK (020/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Just something I meant to do for a while now: 
Let's go to the bank!!

"Bank of Montreal

This institution was created in 1817 and was a key player in the economy of the colony 
and remained one for the country as it evolved for the last [near] two centuries. 
This specific building dates back to 1904. 
This is a daytime shot of its side 
because they have a huge silly banner wrapped around the [real] pillars on the front of the building...

"Pillar and Cupola

This is a night shot taken well before sunrise... 
An inside view through a window. 
All I can say is 
that I don't do windows in real life, 
but I sure do with Photoshop... 
There were streaks and remnants of that sticky blue stuff they use to put up posters. 
I always thought this place had nice character, 
a legacy of the kind of architecture we used to have in the city.

"Mood of the Market" 

Since the bank is now called BMO and more than just a banking institution now, 
I decided to have some fun with this 
and perhaps this reflects some of the risks involved when dealing with the stock market and such. 
Looks rather shifty to me. 

That's it for today!!


  1. If it is an inside view through a window, should I be asking you what on earth you were doing inside the Bank of Montreal in the middle of the night? Best not explain - you can rely on me to not say anything (you have my address to send the money to haven't you?)

    1. I was outside, peeking in through a window,
      so no harm done.
      The ungodly hour was simply because I was on my way to work.
      I do start quite early...
      Really early!!
      Sorry Alan, no $$$ for you [nor me]!!!

  2. I was going to ask you the same question Alan asked. So disappointed in the answer!

    1. Sorry Mitchell, but the money I make is honest money...

  3. What a difference between your BMO building and mine! The one I posted last Saturday. BMO tore down its old building in the city and put up a tower. There is a beautiful old Bank Of Nova Scotia building down town that is really grande inside. Wonder if they would mind if one day I went inside to take a few photos? lol
    Like what you did with 3rd photo.....multi-faceted, just like the bank now.

    1. I don't know if they'd let you photograph the interior, for securities issues,
      but you're welcomed to try...


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