Friday, January 10, 2014

LABRONA (010/365 DAYS, 4.0)

It is fortunate that I went to take some pictures right after work yesterday 
because I am now sitting at home this morning, 
sick as a dog... 
I'll spare you the details 
but I can guarantee you that this post will delight you nonetheless. 
I love graffiti and you'll see here someone I consider one of our best artists in Montreal. 

"The World According 2 LABRONA"

This is an artist I've featured before in my photography, 
easily recognizing his unmistakable style. 
I took the subway after my day's work to go to the Jarry Metro Station 
because he had recently painted the ceiling above the entrance of that station. 
Three sections, 
a masterpiece in each one. 
In this first picture, 
you get to see the general view of one of them. 
In the following pictures, 
you'll get my own perception of his artwork 
as I focused on details and further altered them with Photoshop, 
be it in its dimension, texture or distorsion, light and colors, 
they become Labrona according to me!!

"Gossip Girlz"

In this frame, 
all lips are sealed, 
but I get the feeling something is about to be said... 
It's all about the eyes!!! 


In this one, 
you see a cropped face with only the nose and lips looming large upon the others. 
I like the drama here!! 
I couldn't do a wide shot of the whole piece 
because snow was piled up there. 
I had even brought my remote control so I could lay the camera on the ground 
and capture the whole thing, 
but no way I'd put my camera in the [dirty] snow... 
So I hand handled it to capture details instead, 
creating my own scenes. 
But you'll notice the eyes and lips, 
the strong lines around the mouth, 
typically Labronesque... 
I find the expression of his characters often seem to project disapproval of some sort. 
Maybe it's just me...


Here I removed everything in the blue section that could show this was done over concrete 
to achieve a purity in the space. 
I wanted to make the drama all about these two figures facing off each other. 
Even kept the picture upside down for effect!! 
Just remember I was standing in a public space 
and people were staring at me through the glass while they waited for their bus to arrive, 
and I just kept holding the camera this way and that way, 
close to the ground [snow, actually...] as I crouched down, 
or high above my head, 
searching for that perfect angle to include only what I wanted in the frame. 
Maybe my actions brought some attention to his work 
and they finally looked up...  
A nice change from the doldrums of their daily lives!!


His birds, 
an often recurring theme, 
seen in this angle with a raised wing and bowed head. 
You'll notice the light fixture on the right, 
and a tiny piece of concrete on the lower left corner, 
showing the context in which the artist had to work within. 
Love his color palette which I've intensified, 
of course!!!


In reference to that social media which I don't use 
because how could I make a statement in 140 characters or less?!? 
His birds here in this picture look big and strong, 
on steroids one could almost suspect... 
Again much alterations in Photoshop to achieve a certain effect. 
I hope the artist won't mind my re-interpretation... 
Not that he would ever know!!! 

I'm happy with these shots!! 
And for a change, 
I took the subway and nothing happened. 
I'm usually jinxed when I do: 
Smoke, evacuation, suicide, stuck in a tunnel for hours, even a riot once... 
Not the kind of things you wish for when stuck under ground!! 
It was well worth the trip up north!! 
And I am glad this artist finally gets some official recognition 
and allowed to express himself in such venues. 
Graffiti is a democratic art form and accessible to everyone, 
but still too often perceived as marginal art and even criminal in some cases 
as some see this as defacement of property. 
True, some are not very gifted or maybe they just don't care about what they do. 
But some others are really motivated by a higher purpose and true artists at the core. 
Looking forward to finding more of these gems throughout the city!! 
I hope you've enjoyed these as well!! 


  1. What wonderful grafitti! I wish we had some like that here. All I see in Atlanta is fancy renditions of the artists name. Then again, I always think any actual pictures are put there with official blessings. I guess I could be wrong. Doubt it though.

    1. Ah Kristin, you always think the best of people,
      but these guys usually do their thing at night,
      when no one is watching...
      But what you see here is indeed approved,
      part of a project to beautify the area.
      I'm glad this kind of initiative is happening here.
      We sure need it!!
      Thanks for coming by BTW...

  2. Totally enjoyed these Bruno! Thanks! I am happy you were sick today! lol Only in so far as to say that otherwise you wouldn't have felt the inspiration as you did. Oh you artistes!!
    Labrona kinda reminds me of Picasso with the boldness of the characters and Warhol with the repetition.
    Great job. Thanks.

    1. Inspiration has left this body, only temporarily so, I hope...
      You mention Warhol and Picasso,
      someone on Flickr mentioned the Mona Lisa.
      Seems like Labrona transcends many of the classics.


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