Saturday, January 25, 2014


Some of you may already be aware of my phobia about fire. 
As mentioned previously, 
every time I hear the siren of a fire truck, 
I say "false alarm, false alarm, false alarm!!", 
simply hoping that no one will come to harm. 
I've said it often lately as sirens kept rushing by at all hours in the district. 
I know for a fact that a vacant building was on fire recently. 
It may have been empty but it is adjacent to a recent condo building 
and another currently still under construction. 
No harm there and it is still standing. 
I wonder why they simply don't tear it down...

"Fire & Ice" 

Last Friday, 
on my way to work while it was still very dark over the city, 
a police car blocked off a street and I couldn't quite see what was going on further north 
but it seemed obvious firemen were involved 
but I saw no flames. 
I went back during daytime only to see what had befallen some old buildings. 
The structures were covered with ice 
and one had totally collapsed 
while another showed some damages. 
People were on the roof of the one still standing, 
either to secure the building and do emergency work on it, 
or investigating the scene. 
I have no idea as I couldn't clearly see if they had any kind of uniforms on.


One could say this house got through its trial by fire. 
I hope it will make it.

This is a Google Map view of the street in its better days... 
Given the position of the tree, 
I presume that the whole section on the left is what collapsed 
and that the bottom windows toward the center here 
are the two vacant holes in the lower left corner of my first picture. 
I hope everyone got out on time and unharmed. 
To lose one's home is painful enough... 

I found details on the web about the event. 
15 people were evacuated... 
All safe and sound!! 
That's a relief!!


  1. How awful, but so glad no one was physically harmed.

    1. Gotta be grateful for small mercies!!
      Not so small for those concerned here.

  2. Try taking 3 deep breaths too when you hear the sirens, may help.
    I remember as a child of about 4 or 5, our kitchen caught on fire and we had to get out one was hurt but it sure sure scared me.
    Good that no one was hurt in your district fire unlike those poor souls in L'isle Verte.

    1. I remember my father dragging us to see a building burning down a block away
      when I was just a young child. It must have made quite an impression on me
      as I've remained fearful of fire ever since...
      But to be fair, that building was a total loss and a massive wall of fire...
      As for l'Isle Verte, the loss for this small community in unthinkable.
      Some of the stories we heard left me with a heavy heart,
      especially that man that tried to save his mother using a ladder
      and he couldn't reach her in time in the end...
      Absolutely dreadful!!
      The weather is not helping but I hope they will soon recover all of the bodies
      to give families and friends a sense of closure...


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