Thursday, February 27, 2014

LOOKING BACK (058/365 DAYS, 4.0)

I am currently enjoying some time off 
and I am reminded of another occasion I enjoyed something like that... 

"Fading Memories [Cayo Coco, Cuba, 1995]" 

Almost two decades ago, 
I was looking at brochures to find some exotic place to visit. 
I came across one where across a two-pages presentation it said: 
"If you are looking for relaxation"... 
I went to Cayo Coco for a week 
and indeed, 
I relaxed!!! 
I was leading a hectic life and this was a drastic change from my daily routine. 
And when I came back, 
my life was thrown into such a turmoil, 
it sent my head reeling but I remained hopeful... 
In retrospect, 
I often thought my life was somewhat boring 
but much has happened, 
to be honest... 
Maybe even TOO much!!!
Oddly enough, 
I never went back on holidays... 
I didn't want any more bad news, 
one might say... 
But back to Cuba, 
I met some wonderful people there despite the fact that I don't speak a single word of Spanish. 
I was a bit impressed by the military presence in the resort, 
and having a soldier standing with his rifle at the door of my villa 
was a new experience for me. 
I remember leaving my bag and towel on a chair on the beach, 
with a soldier standing nearby. 
When I came back a few hours later, 
everything was there, 
not even the wind had disturbed anything. 
Outside the resort, 
I met an ex-reporter that sold dolls to tourists on the beach. 
I bought one, 
a black doll. 
She told me if I kept it facing the door at my place, 
that it'd protect me. 
Indeed it does as no evil ever entered my home. 
Also met some musicians that serenaded me the whole week. 
Some guy who manned a bar on the beach with his sister. 
Some scientists that worked nearby. 
Beautiful generous people who welcomed me. 
There was also a girl that amused me quite a lot 
as she kept on singing a song which she didn't know the lyrics 
but kept singing the refrain while dancing on the beach all by herself, 
obviously in her own universe... 
I had a great time over there 
and left only reluctantly, 
looking at the villages we crossed on the way back to the airport 
as the bus passed by people coming toward the road to wave us goodbye with a large smile 
even if they lived in horrible conditions. 
I wish the embargo would finally be lifted 
so their economy could benefit  from free trade agreements, 
among other things. 
Despite Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 
relations between the USA and Japan were resumed... 
Ain't there any forgiveness for Cuba?!? 
Cubans deserve better than this... 
not every country feel the same way. 
I keep fond memories of that country, 
even if these memories are now far away... 

Here's that song the girl kept trying to sing the whole time I was there... 

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