Monday, March 3, 2014


I spend much of my [free?] time on Flickr 
and come across lots of inspiring work by numerous photographers/artists 
from around the planet. 
I recently saw something that drew my attention 
and I had that feeling of familiarity...

"The Etruscan Warrior Versus Priapus

I have a bunch of various artifacts from various cultures, 
statuettes and larger sized sculptures, 
among [many] other things... 
The one on the left is a small bronze that I purchased at 
Le Musee Pointe-a-Calliere 
when they were hosting an exhibit about India
but I found this in the boutique and fell in love with it immediately. 
It was probably reminiscent of an exhibit I saw when I was young[er]. 
I was a student back then and could only afford the catalog, 
which was spectacular nonetheless. 
But I do love this kind of art, 
a bit primitive and yet most expressive. 
The statuette on the right is of Priapus
a divinity best known for his "weapon of mass destruction", 
i.e. his large endowment... 
Something I kept when my uncle G. passed away and I cleared his place up. 
That statuette had always fascinated me, 
for obvious reasons even if I was only a child back then when I first saw it... 
It is one of the few things I kept to remember my uncle by. 
And the background, 
if you're wondering, 
is a scarf I bought years ago at Simons
an Indian import that caught my eye right away. 
Love it!! 
I generally dress in dark colors (indigo/charcoal/black) 
but I am not afraid of a dash of colors sometimes. 
So I used these three elements to recreate [somewhat] what I had seen on Flickr.

"The Battle [by Richard Gustafson, with his kind permission]" 

He himself created this while being inspired by an actual monument 
but one I have no pictures available right now. 
I would have liked to show how inspiration can lead from one thing to another. 
This said, 
I think I've recreated the scene, 
in its spirit if not in its details. 
This remains something with my own personal touch. 
And when I say I get a sense of "déja-vu", 
I kid you not!!!


  1. L'inspiration arrive souvent d'où on l'attend le moins... (quoique à force de regarder des œuvres de personnes inspirées, ça ne peut que stimuler)

    Je passe aussi pas mal de temps sur Flickr (peut-être pas autant que toi, mais...) et j'y ai découvert une communauté d'artistes qui me stimule beaucoup. Certains me rassurent dans ce qu'ils osent publier, d'autres me fascinent, et certains autres me font sentir capable moi aussi. Et je suis certaine qu'il y en a encore tout plein que je n'ai pas encore découverts. L'infini d'internet... ;¬)

    1. Effectivement, il y a la un monde a decouvrir.
      Tu as deja dis que ma photographie avait change avec le temps.
      Maintenant tu sais pourquoi.
      La photo de touriste, prise de vue ordinaire et sans eclat, sans imagination,
      ce n'est pas pour moi. J'ai besoin d'impact et d'un peu de mystere.
      Ou ca aboutira?!? Qui sait?!?
      Mais j'aime bien cette exploration de mon petit univers et de mon monde interieur aussi.

  2. I admire both of these photographs; the one which was your inspiration, and your reply to it. I see Priapus is holding on to his weapon - as you do in battle; is he threatening with it or protecting it I wonder?

    1. Maybe it is a negotiation technique, definitely involving some posturing,
      as we often do see from politicians and such around this poor little planet...
      Richard often deal with abstract creation which I've come to like very much.
      But when I saw this less abstract one, I felt compelled to recreate it in real life.


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