Sunday, April 20, 2014

DID YOU SEE A BUNNY?!? (104/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Imagine me doing a post for Easter... 
I may not celebrate it 
but living in a mainly Christian society [for now...], 
our culture is full of such symbolism 
and one cannot ignore that fact. 
So I've gathered a few pieces here for the occasion, 
just for fun!!!

"Drummer [Barry Flanagan, circa 1988]" 

Mister Flanagan is famous for his hare sculptures, 
a recurring theme of his... 
I've always found this one delightful. 
You can see here the official picture from the museum's archives.

"Processional Cross [Italy, 1468-83]" 

I tried giving some mystic here. 
The original from the museum's archives can be seen here.

"Hands [Kent Ipsen, circa 1992]" 

I definitely took some artistic license here 
by casting a brand new light on this piece. 
Aren't we all in need of a little "salvation"?!? 
I included this piece here 
because the hands set like this look like the were raised in praise. 
Had they been set the other way around, 
one could think there were raised in supplication... 
The archive's picture can be seen here.

"Self Portrait of God (For My Father) [Gilles Mihalcean, circa 1998]" 

Someone will have to explain that one to me... 
Made of wood and granite, 
I see this as a totem. 
Are the three parts representative of the trinity that prevails in Christianity? 
And as there is no apparent front or back but you can walk all around it, 
could this be god's omniscience?!? 
I dunno!! 
Maybe I read too much into this 
and the explanation is much simpler than that. 
The funny thing though, 
given the title, 
is that one could presume that god was a precursor to today's trend, 
the "selfie"... 
Joking aside, 
the artist did dedicate this to his father 
so one assumes this was a serious reflection on his part. 
The picture from the museum's archives can be seen here

I hope you've enjoyed this post. 
Happy Easter to those concerned!! 
To think I didn't even get one of those chocolate eggs... 
Where's the Easter Bunny when you need it?!?


  1. More artwork of the Illuminati. I like the hare, and was surprised that the raised hands are made of glass. I agree the last one does have an odd and confusing title. On the gallery view it looks like it was turned on a wood lathe which, as a wood turner myself, I know would be very difficult to do.

    1. You just had to bring the conspiracy theory in here, didn't you!?!
      As for turning wood, you have an expertise I have not,
      so, thanks for that!!! I found it interesting, all around...
      even if I don't quite get it.
      I'll have to find something on the artist to better understand his process.
      Thanks for coming by!!
      Still hoping to get back to SS myself, eventually...
      Days fly by so fast though...


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