Monday, July 21, 2014

A DAY AT THE MUSEUM (201/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Let's stick around 
and I promise you, 
even if I have 10 folders featuring various art pieces, 
none will be like those I presented to you earlier this year, 
I promise!! 
The museum's collection is so vast 
that I'll have no problem keeping my promise.

"Staircases of the Musee des Beaux Arts de Montreal

Even though I used the elevators at the museum that day, 
due to my back problems... 
I took them once, 
for the sake of this picture. 
This is one of the key elements of the Jean-Noel Desmarais Pavillion
delivered in 1991 and conceived by Moshe Safdie
Each step is deep and very low on a slow incline, 
and I'll go on a limb here, 
because I can't find any official reference to this, 
but I believe Mr Safdie inspired himself with the pyramids of Giza. 
But as I said, 
since I currently cannot confirm this, 
we'll just claim this as hearsay, 
or the first sign of a feeble mind... 
Surely I've read this somewhere?!? 
many visitors find these stairs a little daunting. 
I know the trick, 
if your legs are long enough: 
Take only every other step and go fast!!! 
I do not advise this while drunk or under medication. 
Since I was under [strong] medication, 
I took these at a slow pace, 
this time...

"Staircases of a Mad House" 

I was inspired to create this!! 
The original picture, 
mirrored and multiplied numerous time. 
Enough to make you dizzy, 
even in the best conditions...

"Large Pair: Heads of a Man and Woman [Stephan Balkenhol, 1990]"

At the bottom of these stairs, 
this is one of many modern pieces you can find there.

"Red Self Portrait [Harold Klunder, 2004]"

This partial view of the painting spoke to me big time[!!!]. 
The complexity of emotions depicted here resonates with my own frame of mind, 
you might say...

"High Summer [Hans Hoffman, 1961]" 

Ah, 1961!! 
T'was a good year, 
for many reasons... 
Me, for starters!! 
And this. 
The chromatic palette is most appealing to me.

"The Monkey [Jean-Paul Riopelle, 1968]" 

Because any serious Canadian art collector would/should have a Riopelle...

"The Sister Arts: Painting, Music and Poetry [John Charles Pinhey, 1882]" 

Out of the romantic period comes this painting, 
very much to the taste of its days, 
and mine still!!

"The Day After a Victory at Alhambra [Jean-Joseph-Benjamin Constant, 1882]"

"Pastourelle a Vallangoujar (Seine-et Oise) [Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor-Coté, 1898]"

Even this city boy is not so immune to the charms of country life.

"River Landscape With a Ferry [Jan Baptist Weenix, 1650]"

"Flower and Fruit Piece [Cornelius Krieghoff, 1846]"

"Venice [James Wilson Morrice]"

Ah, Venice!! 
Shall I ever lay my eyes upon your beauty? 
Who knows?!? 

You'll note that certain pieces have a link in their respective title. 
It leads to official pictures of these pieces 
as recorded in the museum's archives. 
Just so you can judge just how much I modify my pics, 
ever so often...

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